The GOP hates my Southern heritage

The Republican Party hates my Southern heritage and is waging war against it across the South. This is despite the fact that a recent Gallup poll shows that most Americans (57%), the vast majority of Southern Whites (75%) and a growing number of self-identified Republican voters (78%) support the Confederate flag. The GOP is fighting its own base on the issue.

  • Republican-controlled South Carolina legislature votes to take down Confederate flag from Statehouse veterans memorial.
  • South Carolina’s Republican US Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott call for Confederate flag to come down.
  • South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley celebrates removal of Confederate flag.
  • Alabama’s Republican Governor Robert Bentley orders the Confederate flag removed from a Statehouse veterans memorial.
  • Mississippi’s Republican House Speaker Philip Gunn calls for State flag to be changed to eliminate Confederate symbol.
  • Mississippi’s Republican US Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker call for State flag to be changed to get rid of Confederate flag.
  • Arkansas’ Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson applauds Wal-Mart’s decision to stop selling merchandise featuring the Confederate flag.
  • Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal seeks re-design of Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate over Confederate flag.
  • Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Haslam calls for removal of bust of Confederate General Nathan B. Forrest from the State capital and elimination of Confederate flag from Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate.
  • North Carolina’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory calls for the State to stop issuing Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates which feature the Confederate flag.
  • Kentucky’s Republican US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calls for the State to remove a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from its capital building. Kentucky’s Republican US Senator Rand Paul calls the Confederate flag “a symbol of human bondage and slavery” and calls for it to come down in South Carolina.
  • Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush calls the Confederate flag “racist” and ordered it removed from the State capital in 2001.
  • Former Republican presidential nominee and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney calls for the Confederate flag to be taken down in South Carolina.
  • Former Texas Governor Rick Perry opposes Confederate flag, says that it “divides people.”
  • Arizona’s US Senator and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain calls for the Confederate flag to come down in South Carolina.

The GOP hates my Southern heritage



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  1. I thank you for your summation here. Really, I can say no more than this : these servants of ‘the people’ you mention, here, are not – but, rather, servants of the Party of Lincoln.

    The only question remains : how long will it take for our fellow Southerners to realize this?

    Everywhere I go, in person, or online, I bump into evidence that they don’t want to acknowledge what is transpiring…

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    • That is why the message has to be reinforced frequently that the GOP doesn’t have our values, cares nothing for its voters and is anti-Southern.


  2. This is nothing new. It’s long since been demonstrated that Whites in general and Southern White in particular are official unpersons in the U.S. Blacks, illegals, Latinos, gays count for something. The aforementioned have legitimate group interest. We, however, don’t count for a damn thing and it was our ancestors who built this place. And it is to be noted that Southern dispossession is an issue with overwhelming bipartisan support.

    Welcome to unpersonhood.

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  3. For once I agree with the republicans, that symbol of hatred and slavery should to be removed from the public space what you put on yourself and your property is your business.


    • Congrats then. You are among the minority of Americans who agree with the government and media in supporting the cultural genocide of my people. You take the Establishment’s position against an ethno-cultural group which has been grossly mistreated by the USA.


  4. These individuals are simply pandering to the Northern constituency that hates and wants them dead. In a few cases, they’re geographic Southerners, and in Romney’s case, not.


  5. The whole Northern argument is predicated on the notion that they have rights and authority, and everybody outside the North, especially Southerners, don’t. Hardley anyone challenges this priori assumption.


  6. Cultural genocide, don’t make me laugh. That flag is the very symbol of real genocide against Africans brought to America and there heritage and homeland stripped from them.


    • Yes, Mr Danials it was under the American flag, but it was under Confederate flag that your ancestors wanted to keep my ancestors enslaved and a second class citizens forever.


  7. hey – my Southern Brother 🙂
    I am very upset about what SC did, to our Flag .
    When I go home – its Charleston, SC, so I keep in touch with lots of folks back home,

    I use to belong to the Southern Party – and they needed a goal
    and protecting Southern Heritage is the goal !!
    I am SO tired of people blaming the Flag, for those people who that boy killed –
    I fly the Flag – I haven’t killed anybody (yet) lol

    please let me know, if you have any contacts with the Party-
    we need to get organized and get busy !!


  8. May I ask Mr. Hughes if he knows under what flag it was that millions of disparate Native Americans and their cultres were dispossesst, concentrated, liquidated, and ‘reeducated’?


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