GOP’s betrayal is our opportunity

The average Southerner already knows that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama hate our identity, culture, remaining freedoms and oppose our interests. This is not just intellectually understood but also emotionally felt. Democrats make little effort to obscure the fact that their party is anti-White, anti-Southern and anti-Christian. Their hateful ideology is daily attacked on talk radio, Fox News and in personal conversations across Dixie.

But there is a reluctance among Southerners to accept the truth that the Republican Party is also hostile to our identity, culture, remaining freedoms and interests. However, as my friend Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent recently told me, now is the best opportunity we have had in 15 years to spread a Southern nationalist message in South Carolina and beyond. The Republican-led attack on Southern heritage and utter betrayal of their voters is a gift to us. It tears at the illusion that the GOP is friendly to the South. The GOP’s Left-wing record this year extends well beyond heritage issues. The party no longer has anything positive to offer Southerners. The few raining decent pro-Southern voices among Republicans are a tiny minority without influence in their own party – as three State Senators and twenty State Representatives found out this week in South Carolina. Their party leaders including Republican Governor Nikki Haley gloated about and celebrated their defeat. Having demonstrated her loyalty to Big Business and disregard for Right-wing voters her party is ready to reward her; Haley is being considered for a vice presidential spot on the GOP ticket – the thirty pieces of silver for her Judas moment.

Southern nationalists are organizing across Dixie and we encourage you to participate. At the very least put up a flag and join a SN group – or start your own. Be creative but focused on promoting a SN message.

Yesterday, I ordered 1,000 small colored flyers with the message “Why vote for a party that opposes our heritage?” Republicans should suffer at the polls for selling out Southerners to the demands of Big Business and Black Leftists. The design I used is below and readers in SC are encouraged to order and distribute some. They are not expensive. In the coming days I will post designs for other States and the South as a whole. This is a foray into SN politics for us.





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  1. According to Republicans like this guy and Ann Coulter, the Democrat Party is the party of slavery, segregation, and White racists and the Republican Party is the party of anti racism and it is a Repiblican who is taking down the Democrat’s symbol of hate. These people conveniently forget that White Southerners who form the base of their party are the descendants of those evil Confederates and those who defended the former Southern social order. Proving once again that the Republican Party hates its own voters.


  2. Here in Texoma Land, on both sides of the Red and presumably over in Arkansas and Lousiana, Republican and Democrat have little meaning on the local and county level. The candidates are nearly always white, natives of the county, Southern and traditionalists. Which is why it boils down to picking the best qualified candidate, rather than party affiliation. It might just be a case of weaning the folks concerned off the Republican/ Democrat dichotomy. I suspect that the same might be true in a lot of places in Dixie. However, Northern transplants are the main problem, especially in areas where they’re 30% of the population. In other areas, the field is wide open. I’d say if not a South


    • Southern party, than a state party, like the Texas Nationalists, for instance. Anything that will champion local rights and interests over those of the Northern rulers.


  3. Sir, as you possess a pronouncet literary bent, and I may be the only novelist writing in unreconstructed Confederate style, do you have a contact point whither I may send you a sample of my work?


  4. Sir, you will get the Republican party’s attention only one way ; form a Southern independence party, and build it to the point where it can be, in various states, a power broker between the Donkies & the Elephants.

    Until then, you’ll just be whistlin’ Dixie, I’m afraid.

    This is an issue of power, and only power can speak power to other power.


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