A community, party & future

It has become clearer than ever that Southerners need a space in which our identity, culture and values can thrive unmolested by American hostility and degeneracy. We also need a political vehicle, even in the present US system, to reach our people, bring our ideas to the table, give Southerners a real choice in elections and apply pressure to anti-Southern candidates and parties.

We need a community much like the 100% Afrikaner town of Orania that will be 100% Southern – and consciously so. Our language, faith, monuments, symbols and heroes’ names would naturally be welcome there. As well, women would be safe there from the aggressive advances of aliens. Families would be free to grow in a happy, traditional environment. We would govern ourselves on at least the local level. We would have a model community – safe, happy, growing and fully Southern – to inspire our people elsewhere. It would be the epicenter of a new order.

An isolated family farm simply won’t provide all of the functions of a community. Logically, this community should be entirely owned by a Southern company so that we could maintain a positive and fully Southern population. It should be within commuting distance of a substantial urban center as a source of jobs. Yet it shouldn’t be so close that it would be swallowed up soon by suburban sprawl. It should also have room to grow. And it should be beautiful.

Some have objected that Southerners will not leave their hometown to move to a 100% pro-Southern community. However, for various reasons (demographic displacement due to immigration and migration being chief among them) many Southerners do not feel at home in their own communities any longer. Even though we have a strong attachment to home, we do move around a good bit – especially in the form of White flight as government-mandated “diversity” destroys once safe and prosperous neighborhoods. And though our plight is not yet as desperate as that of the Afrikaners, trends are moving quickly and strongly in that direction. A chance to be part of an important new beginning for our people would be very attractive to many Southerners.

We also need a political party. Currently our people have no one to vote for other than the Republicans – a party which hates our heritage and identity and has trended strongly to the Left in recent years. We need a party which is professional and serious about winning elections. It should learn from the experience of the now-defunct Southern Party and avoid its mistakes where possible. While positioning itself to the Right of the GOP and embracing Southern identity it should foster an image and rhetoric which are as mainstream as possible. It should seek to win over a large segment of conservative Republican voters, Right-leaning libertarians, traditionalists, working class voters marginalized in the present system and politically unaffiliated voters.

The rise of nationalist parties in Sweden, France and Denmark shows that nationalist, anti-immigration parties can thrive even in very intolerant, politically-correct environments.

Our mere participation in politics would likely garner huge publicity for us and give us a platform we could use to blast the #WarOnTheSouth and the GOP for betraying Southerners.

Even a local-level win would boost new life into the Southern movement. It would give us new leaders as we discovered more and more talented people. We would gain experience in polishing our presentation and talking points. We would learn how to appeal to our people again.

Clearly, it will take a group of people to undertake both of these huge projects. We need individuals and groups to step forward. There is an enormous pool of untapped talent in our people. And now is the time to use our talent to advance our people, culture and values in the hostile world of Postmodern America.



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        • SA has even more draconian “anti-discrimination” laws than the USA. It would work if the community was owned by a company, which we would start. We would allow Southerners who wanted to live in our community to buy into the company, giving them the right to live there. A company board would govern the community and interview prospective new residents.


  1. Sir, to get to ‘Orania’ – you rightly conclude there must be a party. If the party can become large enough (10-15%) to broker power at the state level, in most Southern states, it could then begin to look to do the same at national level.

    That, eventually could lead to many other possibilities. I believe that is the only sustainable route.

    One question, of many, to be decided, Sir : will people such as I or my fellow Tarheel H.K. Edgerton, or Pastor Manning be allowed in, or will we be excluded?


  2. I would certainly be interested in both ventures, though having worked in various 3rd party operations over the years, I remain dubious you could get something like that politically off the ground, given the horrendous ways the major parties in many states have completely stacked the state laws against 3rd parties.


  3. Democrat/Republican has little meaning at the local and county level here in Dixie. Southern Nationalists could run for office under the old dichotomy. Taking over the counties and districts would lead to SN governors and legislatures.

    The next step is financial independence. There is talk of a Texas state bullion repository and a state bank afoot. This needs to happen across Dixie. Provisions for printing currencies should be in place as well.

    As an aside, appealing to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation might be a provocative or revolutionary act.


  4. I’ve been a proponent of a southern nationalist political party for several years, and in light of the recent attacks on Southern heritage–and, more importantly the Southern people–I think the time might actually be right to organise one. While a great majority of Southerners will likely still hold their noses and vote GOP, there are many whose eyes have been opened by the words and actions of Haley and Graham in South Carolina, and of other Republican officials across the South at the state and local level.

    The events of the past few weeks have proved that there are talented young people in the SN movement who are ready and willing to take a stand for the Southern people, and the thousands of people who have turned out at rallies all across Dixie have shown that people are at least willing to consider southern nationalism as a viable option.

    BTW, the new site looks great. I only wish I had known about it sooner!


  5. I agree 100%. I tried to do this very thing years ago dealing with us having a community. Even made a good start in Abbeville, SC. Then 9-11 hit and everything fell apart. Maybe someone else who is young could try again. I would be willing to help.


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