When will the hate stop?

Were peace, harmony, and racial and cultural tolerance suddenly achieved when South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley and Republican-controlled General Assembly voted to take down the Confederate flag to the cheers of hundreds of chanting, jeering Leftists at a veterans memorial in front of the Statehouse?

No. Like blood in the water, the Republican Party’s capitulation on Southern heritage has drawn a feeding frenzy. After pausing for a moment to celebrate their victory over the South the haters went back on the offensive, vandalizing Southern monuments with pro-Black graffiti, stealing flags from private and public property and demanding that statues be torn down, streets and school mascots be renamed, holidays be discarded and that the South’s history be white-washed to appease the demands of Black Leftists, Northern liberals and anti-White activists.

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent wrote today that the moral of the story is that “they hate you.”

Are there any Southerners left who believe the NAACP, SPLC, Democratic Party and activist US media can be appeased? If so, note that The Washington Post recently published an article by foul-mouthed anti-White activist Harold Meyerson. Of all the many Left-wing opinion writers in the US media Meyerson is one of the most grotesque and repugnant. He referred to “the South’s vile history” and painted a one sided picture of history in a sophomoric rant that somehow made it past the editors. Likewise, the Philadelphia Tribune published an article by George E. Curry of Black Press USA with the title “Confederate Traitors Don’t Deserve to be Honored.” Curry is open about his extreme demands of cultural genocide:

Let the cleansing begin. Like Maj. General William T. Sherman, let’s march though Dixie and the rest of the nation until we rid the United States of tributes to traitors.

The lesson of history is that demands to eradicate our heritage and identity only increase upon our “compromise” with the enemy. And those such as Meyerson, Curry and the US media which gives these extremists and out-sized voice must be understood as enemies. Our ancestors understood that anti-Southern and anti-White radicals could not be reasoned with – they had to be defeated. They set about doing just that even from their position as a recently subjugated nation exploited and oppressed by the USA. Surely recent events have proven them correct. We can not show weakness. We can not compromise with extremists. We can not appease those who would destroy us. We must instead defeat them and rule our land as a free nation once again.



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  1. Sir your comparison of blood in the water is spot on. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy this trash has thrown all caution to the wind and are ready, willing, and able to “cleanse” the south of every vestige of our history and culture. I think they think the fix is in because the government from top to bottom, regardless of party, is committed to the same result and is willing to do anything to make that a reality. The ghost of sherman is being conjured and any Southerner with sense will understand what that means. I hope, as you pointed out in a previous post, that this results in a true Southern political movement being created. Its high time our sons and daughters were no longer sacrificed to the yankee war machine, our lives and homes no longer taxed to grease the gears of the machine, and an end to our land being raped and poisoned by uncle slime.


  2. It’s white, Northern people, themselves, who are the enemy. They support, albeit passively, the activist elements of their society. Without their support, black activism in Dixie wouldn’t exist. Northerners bring up the past in order to distract us from the facts of the present.


    • It’s not White Northern people who push this at all, it’s Jews that are behind all this anarchy. Just look at that BLM rubbish, people say it’s a Hungarian man doing it, it isn’t it’s an Ashkenazi Atheist Jew.

      Read the “Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald and another is ” The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E. Michael Jones.


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