Good news from Dixie: Grassroots resistance

Following the awful shooting in Charleston and the Republican Party-led assault on icons of Southern heritage there has been a steady stream of bad news and anti-Southern hate (see Harold Meyerson or Heather Cox Richardson as examples of this overt hatred and bigotry) in the US media. Unfortunately, we have mostly been reacting to the widespread #WarOnTheSouth.

But there is also a lot of good news and some of it is starting to make headlines. Pro-Southern activism is gaining momentum. We can thank the NAACP, Nikki Haley, #BlackLivesMatter criminals and hate-filled anti-Southern bigots for waking up many of our people. Below is an incomplete list of the grassroots activism taking place. Please join the resistance!

Confederate flag rally parade in Gatlinburg TN



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  1. As I said, Sir – this is an opportunity of unbelievable magnitude. That said, a lot of spiritual pain has gone along with it. Thank you for the good news. I needed some, pursuant to the matters of our beloved South.


  2. Concerning these automotive flag parade rallies, I’m confused, Sir. Why do they fly our flag with the Yankee flag?

    I mean, even Jews and Nazis seem to be able to figure out NOT to fly the other one’s flag!

    Obviously I just AYN’T advanced enough, because I just cannot ‘grasp’ it…


    • Most probably see our flag as representing a regional/cultural-historical identity within greater “Americanism”. It is a starting point.


  3. Michael, have you seen the Facebook page; “Union Million Man Militia?” They claim their goal is “The preservation of the “Union” at any cost.” It contains the usual insults and juvenile cartoons directed at the Southern people. But what’s interesting is the tacit admissions. They admit, in that sly Yankee way, that they’re Northern Nationalists and supremacists, and that the “Union” exists to benefit the Northern people exclusively. They also admit, in a blurb about J.W. Booth, that the government is the “Northern Government”, not the U.S. Government. They promote the “American®”flag as the symbol of the Northern people and the Federal Government as the living embodiment of the Northern people’s will. There is no mention of the usual Yankee clichés about us being “all one nation” or “one people.” In fact, quite the opposite. They even take a jab at Cliven Bundy and other Westerners who demand their rights, which apparently, only the old “Union™” States have. This page might be useful for instructional purposes. It certainly proves what Northerners have long denied. That Northern Nationalism exists.

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    • I have not seen this bit of anti-Southern hate. But it does not surprise me given the high level of intolerance in the USA, especially among certain groups, for our people, culture, identity and values.


      • You’re not missing anything in terms anti Southernism. Same old song and dance. It’s the tacit admission that the North is a distinct nation with its own peculiar national interests. And the fact that “Americanism®” is just a mask for Northern supremacy, that sticks out.


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