Southern genocide is real, US media brag

The Jackson Free Press apparently hasn’t gotten the word. In a recent article it attacks the “Cicero of Dixie”, William Flowers, for noting in a speech at a pro-Southern heritage rally in Mississippi that a “cultural genocide” is being waged against the South. Actually, Mr. Flowers understates things considerably. The South is being re-populated and Southern White conservatives will soon lose political control of Dixie due to Third World immigration (mostly from Latin America and Asia) and Northern migration, boast mainstream liberal writers in the US media. William Lind in a recent Washington Times article and Peter Beinart in an Atlantic piece both celebrate the on-going re-population of the South and the inevitable political transformation this creates. Demographics is destiny, they point out, and the South’s demographics are (and have long been) dictated by US Leftists in Washington, DC. Policies which discourage large, strong Southern families, balloon the size of the non-White under class and bring in millions of Third World immigrants are the most destructive aspect of the #WarOnTheSouth. Numerous areas of the South have already experienced this ethnic and cultural cleansing cheered (and openly called for) by the US Left.

Unless we re-gain political control of our borders and social policies future generations of Southerners will be a small, deracinated and politically disenfranchised minority in Dixie. Now more than ever we need a community, party and a future.



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  1. Michael I’ve posted a few comments and they haven’t appeared on the site. What we need to is force the States in which we are still sizeable Majorities to call State Conventions. As resistance continues to grow we must use the emotional radiation and spike to rally our people and force our Government’s to carry out our will peacibly. Delegates elected for a State Convention represent all of the people en masse and was the way in which each State acceded to the Federal Union as well as the method by which all of our State’s seceded in the South in 1861. A body acting as the mass of the people living on the land is the only means by which a State can successfully secede or accede to an entity peacably without inviting chaos and turmoil within’ it’s borders. Creating a political party foregoes this fact as politicians do not represent us directly. The move to try and get any of our Government’s filled with a minimum of a majority of Southern Nationalists is an impossible task and directing our energies on trying to reform them just as in attempting to reform Washington, is a mistake. I’m assuming Michael that you are in favor of State Legislatures calling this type of convention as they have done in the past, but they do not have Sovereignty over us, we grant them some of our Sovereignty to protect us and secure our freedom and liberty in the land in which we decide is our own. We our Sovereign and each of our State’s is our mechanism. When they are turned against us and are made slave’s to an outside foreign power it is our duty to do what we must under providence and the Lord to get out from under the outside grip and restore or abolish the present Governments replacing them with those that represent us better. Restoring any of the State Government’s is an impossibility at present as they all are generalized under overriding principles that each party represents and the level of power that backs them we cannot defeat on the political stage. Before we can be disarmed by Federal mandate we must force State Conventions (which are composed of delegates elected by us from the general population and answerable to the areas in which they come from) of which a Secession Convention will then be called carrying out our will. We will peacably leave and the State’s that can secede utilizing this channel (where we are a good Majority) to the Conventional phase will then have their Government’s in a position where we can force the current members out without any complications due to Union control. Any resistance towards what the delegates voice will be met with the entire mass of the people and things will come to the way the USSR was dismantled, with all of the people in that State rising up and standing against the Government at it’s headquarters. The Soviet Union was then signed away by the Government in the face of the entire population and the people living in Russia now have a Federated Republic with some of them choosing secession and becoming new States from it’s old Territory. The founders and our heroes who founded our Confederation would agree with the course of action I have laid out for States that maintain a solid majority numerically at present. Things are past the point where we can wait for years. We are in the middle of a very rapid and exponentially increasing white genocidal program and are losing power by the day. We need to continue to rally the people and follow the proper procedures of exit that I have recommended laid down by our ancestors who seceded from Great Britian. During the Revolutionary War the people in each State threw out the Royal Charter’s and drafted Constitutions creating Sovereign State Governments. We would not have to go as far as throwing out our existing Constitutions at least in Texas but of replacing our entire State Governments and barring current members from holding future office we must. No one under the banner of any existing party can be trusted. Anyone who has taken part in this white genocidal program must be barred from holding any influential or Government position ever again.


    • Jay, I haven’t deleted any comments. A first time commentor has to get their comment approved. And if anyone includes 2 or more links in their comment it must be approved. Any comment with profanity, calls for violence or racial slurs will be deleted. That hasn’t happened yet.


  2. The real genocide was when my ancestor were brought here and sold as slaves, with there memories stripped of their homeland. What Jay proposes will never work because SNs will never haves those kinds of majorities.


    • Do you understand the meaning of the term “genocide”? Under Southern rule the African slave population in the South grew steadily, it was not destroyed. In general slaves in the South were treated well, better in fact than Northern “free” White labor. We had a paternalistic system, not a genocidal regime.


  3. ‘The real genocide was when my ancestor were brought here and sold as slaves, with there memories stripped of their homeland.’

    Apparently the genocide of the many many Native American tribes, under the Yankee federal flag, was an illusion…


  4. ‘What Jay proposes will never work because SNs will never haves those kinds of majorities.’

    Maybe, maybe not, Mr. Young. There is another method – one which uses the protocols of Zion against those that would dismember us…

    What is it?

    Form secession parties in each state, and use our 5-10% votes bases to throw the Republican power base over to the Democrats. When the Republicans come running to us to regain their power, that is when we can assert our interests – just as fringe parties do in Parliament coalition governments, all abroad.

    In the meantime we can continue to grow those parties until the can become competitive, one on one, with the biggest two.

    Mr. Cushman, it is my belief that we can, over a few decades, wrest control back from those who usurpt us at the national level, by leveraging ourselves at the state level.


  5. Yes, Mr. Young – the sitemaster makes a very good point – the circumstances of many workers, all throughout this country, in the 19th century was deplorable, and no less so, if not more, than in the north; where millions and millions of immigrant workers lived in circumstances that would have amazed the African slave, in The South. Why do I say this? Because, even the worst situation for a Southern slave held the guarantee of food, medical care, and a shack with a roaring hearth – whereas the situation of many white workers, in the north at that time, did not.

    As an author, I have had to do a lot of research on this, and have read the accounts of several hundred former slaves, in my Tarheel state – written in the 1930s. Those former slaves were pretty much divided; some stating that Lincoln was a saint and that their bondage had been cruel, others stating they did not feel much better off ‘in freedom’, and a third, still yet, declaring that the ‘slave days’ had been much better for them – they having access to things that, after, they no longer had, and a status in the ‘Marse’s house, that they had long misst.

    Exploitation is shameful, no matter who is doing it, what the style of is, or the under which it occurs.

    Your determination to focus on certain truths, while ignoring many others shows lamentable intellectual discipline – a reductionism employed on behalf of a venal end, if you will.


  6. Arguing about slavery, or refighting the battles of 1863 is moot in 2015. The only reason Northerners bring it up, is because that’s all they have to justify the hoax that is the “Union®”, and their parasitic existence within it. When confronted with the current political situation, or forced to justify and defend the Northern monopoly on Federal power, or the cultural, political and economic suppression of the Southern people, they run home to 1863.


  7. I guess it all depends on if you were the master or the slave. To the master and his descendant it may have seemed paternalistic but to the African American slave and his ancestors it was genicidal, according to your definition Micheal. The African slaves culture and memories of home were outlawed and destroyed so he could be more easily controlled by the so called master. Perhaps this is what you fear.


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