Nationalist update July 14, 2015

Here are some of the news stories we are following:

Golden Circle

#BlackLivesMatter types are not only vandalizing public monuments but now have begun targeting citizens who display the Confederate flag. The #NoFlaggingChallenge promoted by Black Leftists on social media involves trespassing, breaking windows and destroying, vandalizing or stealing private property.

It is easy to see the potential for inflamed racial tension and tragedy in this criminal behavior. However, the US media studiously ignores this and focuses instead on whipping up anti-White and anti-Southern sentiment and lecturing Southerners about the “Confederate flag’s true meaning” a century and a half ago.

Two Anniston, Alabama police officers fired for their membership in the League of the South, a Southern nationalist organization, are appealing the injustice.

The Dominican Republic has been condemned by Leftist groups for its planned deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants from the failed Black republic of Haiti. But the plan has already worked as thousands of Haitians have gone home, not waiting to be removed by the government. Under French colonial rule the land now called Haiti was among the wealthiest societies in the world. The Whites were killed or forced to flee by a revolutionary Black Leftist government which promptly led the country to ruin. Haiti has long since been a failed state dependent upon foreign aid to feed its ballooning population. It has also become a problem for other former plantation societies with tens of thousands of its impoverished people immigrating to Florida, Brazil or the Dominican Republic.

The NAACP demands memorial carving of Confederate generals on Stone Mountain in Georgia be removed. Black Leftists demand a cultural “cleansing” of the South.

Town commissioners in Hillsborough, North Carolina vote to remove sign reading “Confederate Memorial” from Orange County Historical Museum. Most of the public opposed changing the sign, WNCN reports.

Evadale High School in southeastern Texas defends use of Confederate flag. School officials say there have been no local complaints.

Five hundred people rally in Memphis, Tennessee to support General Nathan Bedford Forrest monument. The Black Leftist-controlled city government has voted to dig up the graves of Forrest and his wife and tear down the memorial.

The struggling, Leftist-governed former plantation colony of Venezuela is reportedly seeking to annex most of neighboring Guyana, an almost entirely non-White former colony of the Netherlands. Venezuela is 43% White and the home of pro-Southern filibuster Narcisco López.


Socially-liberal Euroskeptics have split off from the increasingly nationalist Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party in Germany. The Right-wing party has been slowly making gains in traditionally Leftist areas with its opposition to Third World immigration.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party continues to rise in the polls and is already one of the strongest parties in the Leftist-ruled Nordic country.

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