Spreading the word in SC

A batch of 1,000 professionally made flyers was delivered today. They are both eye-catching and informative. The flyers target Republican voters in South Carolina who support Southern heritage. They ask, “Why vote for a party that opposes our heritage?”

As Southern nationalists it is time that we began to appeal to large numbers of our people and bring our ideas into the political mainstream of debate. SF’s new flyers is a move in that direction. Watch for some exciting developments in the near future!

Republican Party against Southern heritage



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  1. For what it’s worth.,TNM say they have reached out to 300k Texans recently. Daniel Miller, President of the TNM, is going on a statewide speaking tour soon, to spread the message of independence and sovereignty further afield. He’s taken his book, A line in the Sand, out of Amazon’s offer, in protest of its anti-Southern policies. TNM will sell it directly, now. TNM members are talking about actively defending the Southern Heritage, origins and Confederate history of Texas. They’re still pushing the bills for a Texas bullion repository and state bank as well.

    As an aside.,

    I like the TNM motto; “The Cultural, Political and Economic independence of Texas.” I’d say that applies to the rest of Dixie, too. Culture makes the politics and economics. The exact opposite of Yankeedom’s organisation.


  2. How do you plan on distributing them? Will you hand them out personally or will you “leave” them behind for someone to pick up and read?

    As someone who is somewhat intellectual I eschew politics that appeal to emotion. But appeal to emotion is very effective. In addition to heritage issues, I think it would be wise to target discontent over demographic replacement, Southern dispossession and ‘gay marriage.’ There was a many Southerners saw America as a moral good. Instead of America the good, we now have America the freak show. The first step to political secession is mental/spiritual secession. The SJW movement has taken away all political middle ground. Since there is no more middle ground, many Southerners may be ready for radicalization.


    • I am going door to door to distribute them in White middle class neighborhoods.

      Like you I naturally dislike emotional politics. But it works. Intellectual politics doesn’t. It is good only for gaining leaders and an ideological core.


  3. That’s the hard part. Creating memes that are simple enough to stick in the average, non amateur Historian/Scholar, intellectual layman’s head. But recognising and appealing to the basic good sense and maturity of the Southern people. Which rules out the kind of juvenile polemics and slogans of our enemies. Their style won’t fly in Dixie.


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