Republicans attack Southern protesters

Having widely adopted an anti-Southern policy of “cleansing” the South of Confederate flags, signs and monuments in the wake of the Charleston massacre – as demanded by Black Leftists – the Republican Party further drove home its opposition to Southern identity and heritage this week. GOP leaders in Oklahoma called Southerners who showed up with Confederate flags to protest US President Obama “embarrassing,” “insensitive” and “disappointing.” The controlled opposition party insisted that Obama’s office “deserves respect” as they ripped their own voters.

Republican Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma’s Fourth District released a statement which sounded virtually indistinguishable from the rhetoric of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson attacking Southern protesters and praising the US presidential office. Cole won his district with 70.8% of the vote in 2014. His conservative district (which is 79% White) is ripe territory for a well-organized and serious Southern nationalist party running to the Right of Cole – which is wide open territory.

Republican Congressman Frank Lucas also attacked Southern protesters. He represents the State’s Third District (which is 83% White). He won exactly 83% of the vote in the 2014 election.



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    • True, James. These 2 men are close to the leadership in the House – meaning they are far from the people and completely bought.


      • Governor Abbott, while returning to Texas, was accosted by a pro Homosexual man at JFK Airport. The man was detained by security and put on another flight the next day

        The comments apoending the article make Northerner’s homicidal/genocidal hatred for Southerners apparent. Some of them suggested that Governor Abbott be thrown from the aircraft during flight. Imagine the outcry if Southerners behaved this way towards Northerners, especially their elected officials. I go around every day and see all kinds of folks who are blissfully ignorant of how much their “fellow countrymen” really hate them. But what can I say?


  1. Sir, as you know – the party of Lincoln would do anything to get back the oval office, in 2016 – even sell their own mothers!

    The heck of it is : why do they care so much? : when, more or less, they’re pretty much like the party they presume to replace!


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