SPLC: Anti-Southern hate group

Due to its consistent anti-Southern bigotry, opposition to Southern heritage, inspiration for domestic terrorism and aggressive support for demographically replacing the Southern people, SouthernFuture.com designates the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) an anti-Southern hate group. The FBI severed official ties with the group after one of its followers, a radicalized homosexual, attempted to mass murder employees at a Christian lobby in Washington, DC. Notorious for its corruption, the SPLC has acquired hundreds of millions of dollars, keeping much of it in off-shore accounts. Local, State and Federal officials should be advised of the extremist agenda of the SPLC and the vast resources at the group’s command. The group’s links to violent extremists makes the SPLC a public threat to be taken seriously.



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  1. Not to mention the fact that insiders in law enforcement agencies regularly and illegally leak confidential investigative data to the SPLC, including browsing histories obtained from seized computers. This is how SPLC knows (and publicizes) which websites the targets of its ire have visited.

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