Maxcy-Rhett House in Beaufort, SC

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I visited the Maxcy-Rhett “Secession House” in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina. It was built around 1810 and later “extensively remodeled… in the Greek Revival style, featuring an elaborate two-story portico.” Its neoclassical architectural influence was matched by the neoclassical worldview of its famous Southern inhabitants. This home is a must-see for Southern nationalists who are interested in the history of our great tradition:

Edmund Rhett, along with his brother Robert Barnwell Rhett (1800-1876), lawyer, state representative, state attorney general, U.S. congressman and senator, was an outspoken champion of state rights and Southern nationalism from the 1830’s to the Civil War. This house, long known as “Secession House,” was the scene of many informal discussions and formal meetings during the 1850’s by the Rhetts and their allies advocating secession and Southern independence.

SF readers might enjoy these pictures we took of the Maxy-Rhett home.

Maxy-Rhett house 01

Maxy-Rhett house 02

Maxy-Rhett house 01



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  1. Yes, Sir – I most definitely DID enjoy your photos, here. We, too, (my wife and I) live in an antebellum mansion, built first by a wealthy Bostonian trader, in 1790, and added to in 1840, by the locally successful hoteleers bought it.

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