Thousands rally in central NC for Confederate statue

Four thousand North Carolinians rallied in Alamance County Courthouse, North Carolina on Saturday in support of Confederate symbols, including an historic statue that Black Leftists have demanded be taken down as part of a cultural “cleansing” of Dixie. The demonstration nearly matched the size of a recent pro-Southern rally in Ocala, Florida. Numerous such rallies have been held across the South in recent weeks. The Republican Party, supported by a large majority of White Southern voters, has led efforts to eliminate Southern heritage and has attacked pro-Southern demonstrators with insulting language.

UPDATE: The mass demonstration worked. Fox 8 reports that “County commissioners said Monday night the historical cleansing of Confederate memorials across the South is not going to happen in Alamance County.” The Confederate veterans memorial will not be removed by the forces of Americanism and equality.



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  1. The media are ignoring this for sure. Except for the wreck at the motorcade in Georgia, and the Klan rally in Columbia, they’ve found nothing they can ridicule. Among anti-Southern bloggers, all of this barely exists. They think it’s one, small event.


  2. I’m glad to see that there are some real North Carolinians still around. My home state, unfortunately, has been overrun by Northeastern transplants. Once you get outside of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Charlotte, Greensboro and Asheville it isn’t so bad. The people in Alamance County are good folks.


    • I’m starting to run into Nets in Paris, Texas, of all places. The closest big cities are Shreveport and Dallas, both 100+ miles away. Yet, here they are.


  3. Yes, Anti-Federalist -there are a few islands here of foreigners – though, in my view, they, in and of themselves, are NOT the problem in our land (NC), but the enormity of the scalwagism, at large. Too many leftists here. That said, we traditionalists are in current possession of the government, and with the changes in voting rules and districts, I am happy to think it is unlikely to change.

    Did you hear of our legislature getting rid of all the leftist manufacturing centers at the People’s Republick of Chapel Hill?


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