Black Leftists kill Black pro-Confederate flag activist in Mississippi

Anthony Hervey: Murdered by Black Leftists
Anthony Hervey: Murdered by Black Leftists

In a tragic turn of events Anthony Hervey, an outspoken supporter of the Confederate flag and critic of Black ghetto culture, was murdered last week by Black Leftists in Mississippi. Before killing Mr. Hervey Black advocates of ghetto culture attacked him on social media as an “Uncle Tom”. He was reportedly taunted in the same manner by a car full of angry young Black Leftists before being forced off the road and killed. His murder was clearly an act of terrorism, a politically motivated act meant to silence other conservative, pro-Southern Blacks.

Mr. Hervey bravely took on the murderous mainstream of Black ghetto culture and Leftist politics in the South. He advocated sanity, lawful and polite behavior, respectful appearance and he said he felt most safe in the company of White Southerners. His murder is a terrible tragedy.


The murder of Anthony Hervey raises some serious questions which need to be answered. Did his killers have any connections to Left-wing groups like the NAACP or SPLC? Were they radicalized by the hateful anti-Southern rhetoric of those such as Harold Meyerson, George E. Curry, Heather Cox Richardson and Heidi Beirich (of the SPLC)? What role did the mainstream US media and educational system (with their constant anti-Southern rhetoric) play in radicalizing these Black Leftist murderers? These are hard questions which need to be answered in the wake of the awful murder of Anthony Hervey.

UPDATE: There is alarming new information out about the hate that was heaped upon Mr. Hervey by Black Leftists and their murder of the Black pro-Southern activist. The hatred directed toward this man and his flag is an indictment of Left-wing, anti-Southern US media and activists.



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  1. Whenever anything like this happens, Northern SJWs are responsible for it, even if only indirectly. But they’ll never be called to account for it.

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    • Yes, James. “Social Justice Warriors” have created a climate of fear and hatred for Southerners and Confederate symbols. They are a menace to the South’s civility and peace.


  2. Oh boy. You’re going to regret this one. You might want to study up on your journalism. Most journalists base their writings on facts, you’re just pulling stuff out of your ass. Your post is long on allegations, short on proof.


  3. I can’t believe he’s dead. It seems like only yesterday I saw his book for the first time and started learning about him. About the black men that side with the South and not the North. This has been a real shock. Hervey was a pioneer and will be greatly missed.

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  4. Very good, Mr. Cushman : I have long hoped that an offensive be conducted against these organizations you mention. I notice you are beginning to take up that tact, and encourage you to do so more. They must not be allowed to operate without impunity. They must be revealed and subjected to repeat publick ridicule.

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