American vs Southern identity

Harold Crews, an attorney and Southern nationalist leader from North Carolina, explains in a new video some of the differences between Southern and American identity. His thought-provoking analysis is worthy of consideration. Mr. Crews notes:

  • Identity is a precursor to nationalism.
  • Identity determines politics.
  • American identity is based on subscribing to certain abstract propositions.
  • American propositions vary according to the individual and have changed over time.
  • Americans paradoxically maintain that their identifying propositions are universal.
  • Southern identity is holistic. It combines physical, mental and spiritual aspects.
  • Southern identity is based in part on our European ethnicity, formed through a 400 year-process, blending mostly Western European peoples (most of whom are at least partially descended from settlers of the British Isles).
  • Not all Southerners fully participate in all aspects of Southern identity.
  • Some other identities conflict with Southern identity.
  • Some Southerners mistake Southern identity for Americanism.
  • All identities are necessarily both inclusive and exclusive.
  • American identity is a proselytizing identity while Southern identity is a parochial identity.



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  1. We are a people, American’s are not. Submitting to the American umbrella is subjection to empire. Just as the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was full of different nationalities that pulled it apart as is the US which will undergo the same process.

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  2. Well, Sir, obviously ‘America’ is unique in the world – because it is the first nation to be built, or evolved, purposefully from ‘multiculturalism’ instead of a generally monogamous evolution of blood, and, as well, with ideas being considered more important than blood.

    What is peculiar about The South is that it floats, and has floated, along the margins of that, and, in some cases, as Mr. Crews very cogently elucidates, entirely flies clear of it.

    We are a peculiar phenomenon within a peculiar phenomenon, which is really quite peculiar:))))

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  3. Harold brought up some good points regarding Identity sand the connection to our forebears. All of the anti-Southern propaganda, the removal/destruction of Southern symbols and monuments is to detach us from our forebears and reconstruct us into a New Yankee Man. That’s why I don’t just see Yankees/Northerners as different. I hate these people. My hatred for these people is complete and perfect. I extend no Christian love for a people who seek to destroy us whether it’s by destroying our history, our culture, our Christian roots, imposing their vile and satanic morality on us or by imposing a policy of demographic displacement on us.


    • I see them as a different nation. A hostile, foreign one that has no business being in the same political union as us. This is no mere political disagreement between gentlemen of the same nationality. It’s war.


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