Calling forth Southerners in Birmingham

Last week pro-Southern groups met at Linn Park in Birmingham, Alabama to voice support for a veterans memorial dedicated to Confederate soldiers. The monument has stood for 110 years but the Black Leftist (and notoriously corrupt and incompetent) government of the now-failing city of Birmingham recently voted to get rid of it. The move is part of a cultural “cleansing” of the South called for by anti-Southern extremists.

Southern nationalists participated in the event. William Flowers, known to us as the “Cicero of Dixie“, was at the demonstration and gave a stirring speech, the likes of which our people have not heard in quite some time. It was perhaps Mr. Flowers’ brightest moment yet and it is easy to see why the young Southern leader from Georgia has quickly gained a reputation as a fiery and brilliant speaker. Don’t miss his short address calling forth the Southern people and condemning the cultural Marxists and Republican traitors who have betrayed our heritage. Mr. Flowers makes it clear to his audience that the on-going attacks on Southern heritage is part of a larger genocide of the Southern people, of which the mainstream US media has bragged.

Also see: Mr. Flowers’ speeches at Montgomery, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi.

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