Kathwood Plantation of Jackson, SC

Originally known as Cedar Grove Plantation, South Carolina statesman James Henry Hammond (a brilliant but morally-flawed and sexually-deviant man) renamed this lovely estate for his wife Catherine, who owned it when they were married. To his credit, Hammond was a Southern patriot and exhausted his vast wealth in support of the Confederate cause.

The property remains privately owned, though it has since been sold and resold. It is one of the most beautiful Antebellum homes in the region and has lovely grounds to match its neo-classical splendor. Today, I had the opportunity to visit this spectacular symbol of Southern civilization and our rich heritage. SF readers might enjoy these pictures I took.

Kathwood plantation 01

Kathwood plantation 02

Kathwood plantation 03

Kathwood plantation 04

Kathwood plantation 05

Kathwood plantation 06



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    • I haven’t heard of such rumours. It is in great condition aside from needing a new paint job and work on the front steps (wooden). Inside it has been modernized with every convenience you can imagine. It came with 100 acres of wooded land, a guest house and sold for just $700,000. A steal!


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