Buy Southern campaign under way

This evening, while in a Whole Foods Market trying to choose which beer I would like to enjoy with supper I noticed a sign reading, “From the South. Choose local & Southern products.” So, I decided to go with Duck Rabbit Milk Stout from North Carolina. I would like to thank the Texas-based grocery store for their pro-Southern campaign. This is something Southern nationalists can enthusiastically endorse and support.

Buy Southern



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  1. Yes, this is one of the things I like about Whole Foods. I don’t get there much anymore, since the closest store is about an hour away from me, but they do have a good selection of local and regional beers. The last beer I picked up there was a coffee milk stout from Wiseacre Brewery in Memphis. Even though it’s a local brew, it’s not something you’d find just anywhere.

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  2. Here in Texas we have the Go Texan Campaign. All the grocery stores have Texas products marked. Kroger have “for Texans by Texans” signs. In addition, there are all the other familiar Southern brands like Mt. Olive Pickle products. Margaret Holmes canned vegetables from SC. Sticky Finger BBQ sauce, Duke’s Mayonnaise, etc. Braum’s Ice cream and Shiner Beer are Texan. So is Saddler’s Smokehouse brisket and Jimmy Dean and Owen’s Sausage and Mrs. Baird’s Bread. Atwoods sell Cheerwine. Brookshire’s is a Texas chain that sells nearly all Southern products. About 99% of the groceries I buy are Southern. The meat and vegetables, including grapefruit, are from Texas.

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