Conflict of identity on the river

Recently, I overheard the conversation of two Southern men who had noticed my display of the Confederate flag. Many people were getting their kayaks that morning ready for a day of fun on the river. I had a cold beverage in a Confederate flag koosie to keep it cold and show off our colors. One of the men asked the other why they couldn’t fly the Confederate flag. I have no idea of the particulars of the situation. But the other man replied, “Because he said we’re Americans.” The two men chuckled and shook their heads.

Without knowing more about the men’s situation it was apparent that they wanted to display the Southern Cross but were not permitted to do so because of someone’s American identity. They disagreed with this prohibition. Evidently, there was a conflict of identity, as Mr. Harold Crews recently discussed.

I do not know the men’s level of Southern identification. However, if it extends beyond a superficial depth, then American identity – with its basis in abstract and universal propositions – is indeed incompatible with the St. Andrew’s Cross of Dixie. Unlike the US flag, the Confederate flag does not stand for abortion, Third World immigration, gay marriage and political correctness. Our flag stands for the Southern people, our heritage, culture and values.

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  1. The “American®” flag is simply the symbol of the Northern nation and People. It may have, at one time, represented a Republic that included Southerners. But that died a long time ago.


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