Banned by far-Left MS newspaper

Todd Stauffer, co-owner of the Jackson Free Press, a small, Left-wing newspaper in Mississippi, recently posted a short rant attacking William Flowers. Mr. Flowers is a gifted young Southern nationalist leader known here as the “Cicero of Dixie” for his incredible oratory skills and principled leadership. Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent recently wrote that his speech at the 2015 League of the South National Conference “received the most thunderous standing ovation I have ever seen.” In his piece attacking Flowers, Stauffer made fun of the notion that there is a cultural genocide being waged against Southerners. Shortly thereafter major US media outlets published articles gloating that a real demographic genocide is re-populating the South, swamping White conservatives with non-White Leftists who will in the not-too-distant-future outnumber Southerners and control the region politically and culturally.


I responded to the attack article online with a comment noting that Flowers was 100% correct. I also pointed out that the US media is anti-Southern and anti-White, a self-evident truth. Then, yesterday, I received notice that someone had responded to my comment. I checked it out and noticed that someone named Donna Ladd, who uses a gay flag avatar and openly describes herself as a “neo-scalawag”, had several comments attacking the notion that Southerners had built a civilization in Dixie and in general spouting anti-White nonsense. I responded (without profanity or personal attacks), pointing out that our ancestors had built a thriving, First World civilization in a wilderness sparsely populated by semi-nomadic Asiatic tribes living in Stone Age conditions – an entirely truthful comment. Ladd also bragged about attending an “LGBT” (homosexual) rally attended by 800 sexual deviants, claiming we could not must a group of such size. I responded by pointing out that the LGBTABCHIV (a term I coined) community held a distinctly minority opinion in the South despite strong support from the US government, media and educational system. I also noted that we recently had 4,000 supporters at a pro-Confederate heritage demonstration in central North Carolina and 4,500 at one in Ocala, Florida. Shortly thereafter Stauffer posted notice that I would no longer be allowed to comment. Most of my previous comments were also deleted.

At this point I became curious. A little digging revealed that despite her gay avatar, Donna Ladd has apparently been Stauffer’s “partner” for 10 years. She lived in New York for several years where she wrote for The Village Voice. She is the national Diversity Chair for the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. She and Todd Stauffer are long-time far-Left activists who push “racial conciliation and justice” in Mississippi. Their politics are hostile to the interests of Southerners and Whites in general and are far outside the mainstream in Dixie. I am proud to have not been tolerated by the self-proclaimed voices of Tolerance©.

Todd Staufford is anti-White



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  1. His logic doesn’t follow. He takes the stance that placing the priority on us is supremacist by default. That strips back his shield revealing his anti whiteness. I would have more respect for our enemies like Stauffer if they would just com out and say they’re against us.

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  2. Other than Northern transplants, Southrons who try to pander to Yankees are a serious threat. Trying to appeal to mortal enemies, who want you dead, is a mental/spiritual sickness. A lot of Scalawags and SJW/Neo-Yankee types sport homosexual symbols now, even though they’re not themselves homosexual. It’s a solidarity thang.

    Interestingly, TNM held a rally for gun rights on the Capitol in Austin, a few years back. The video interviews of the opposition showed people speaking with obvious Northern accents. Whereas the TNM were obviously Texan/Southrons.

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  3. Mr. Stauffer sounds like a cocky member of the Union leagues, in 1866. Considering how things are devolving, I wonder if his life-span will recreate the rather abrupt ends to which the original members of that organization had a habit of coming to in Reconstruction Era North Carolina…?


  4. ‘Their politics are hostile to the interests of Southerners and Whites in general and are far outside the mainstream in Dixie.’

    Sir, I feel your statement is rather incomplete. May I offer a wee tweak?

    ‘Outside of very large cities, their politics are anathema to Dixie – irrespective of blood, culture, or faith.’

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