Confederate flag more popular than Obama, Congress or GOP

A recent Gallup poll of the US public shows that Barrack Obama has an approval rating of 44% with a disapproval rating of 50%.

A recent ABC poll found that just 28% of the US public thought that the Republicans in Congress were doing a good job. Similarly, a recent Polling Report survey found that just 30% of the public approved of the work of Congressional Democrats. Overall, according to a recent Gallup poll, just 17% approve of the US Congress‘ work while 78% disapprove.

Rasmussen Reports found that just 29% of the public think that the USA is headed in the right direction, with 68% saying it was on the wrong track.

Almost two-thirds of registered voters, 65.3%, say Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham, who recently called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse and has long supported amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, should not run for the US presidency.

Meanwhile, according to a recent CNN poll, 57% of the US public sees the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride. Just 33% see it as a symbol of “racism.” A full 75% of White Southerners see it as a symbol of Southern pride. Furthermore, 71% of the US public oppose removing memorials to Confederate veterans while 68% oppose renaming roads named after Confederate leaders. Roads named after Confederate leaders are four times as popular as the US Congress while the Confederate battle flag itself is almost three and a half times as popular as Congress.


The Confederate flag is more broadly supported by the US public than is US President Barack Obama or the Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The vast majority of Americans support Confederate veterans memorials and honoring Confederate leaders by naming highways and streets after them. Far-Left groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which strongly oppose Southern heritage hold extremist views which are well outside of the mainstream. Likewise, those such as George E. Curry of Black Press USA who argue that “Confederate Traitors Don’t Deserve to be Honored” and has called for a “cleansing” of the South are giving cover to anti-Southern vandalism, violence and terrorism. There is no place in civilized society for such behavior.



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  1. Two weeks ago I drove from Jacksonville Fl to southern Ohio. Florida and Georgia have an abundance of flags. Tennessee and Kentucky I didn’t see a single flag. Bethel Batavia and New Richmond ,Ohio near the birthplace of U.S.Grant surprisingly I found a lot of battle flags.

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    • We have plenty of Confederate flags here in west Tennessee, more often displayed as license plates or stickers on vehicles than on a pole in someone’s yard, but on display nonetheless. I’m not sure what route you took, but considering where you were travelling from and to, I assume you went through middle or east Tennessee. There’s definitely less Southern pride on display on those parts of the state, especially around Nashville, which sadly has been overrun by both northerners and Third World immigrants.

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