Redcliffe Plantation in Beech Island, SC

Redcliffe Plantation was the home of South Carolina statesman and planter James Henry Hammond, a deeply flawed man who nevertheless was a strong supporter of the Southern cause. The Greek Revival style mansion was completed in 1859, just prior to Southern secession and the subsequent US invasion and occupation. It is now a State park which offers free admission. Redcliffe has beautiful grounds with many giant oaks as well as a very interesting stable and slave quarters. Redcliffe is located not far from Kathwood Plantation, a mansion which belonged to Hammond’s wife when they were married.

Recently, I visited the historic home and beautiful symbol of Southern civilization and our rich heritage. SF readers might enjoy some of the pictures I took.

Redcliffe 01

Redcliffe 02

Redcliffe 03

Redcliffe 04

Redcliffe 05

Redcliffe 07



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  1. Sir, it blows my mind, quite severely, to ponder the constancy of the upkeep, of just such a place IN just such a place. The external condition of the house is sublimely well-maintained. I can only conclude that it’s owners are made of money and that they run their modern-day overseers ragged:))))


  2. My list of places to visit in South Carolina continues to grow. I always enjoy visiting historic properties and museums wherever I go, and it’s nice that this one is open to the public.


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