Washington, DC sinking into the sea

Scientists report that Washington, DC and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay are sinking while ocean levels are rising. The bad news is that the Babylon of Modernity will take far too long to disappear, dropping a projected 6 inches over the next 85 years.

Washington, DC, much like Babylon before it, has sought to gather all the different peoples of the Earth together under its rule in the name of its ungodly religion of “anti-racism.” It has done so with no regard for distinct ethnic, cultural and religious groups or the well-being of its subjects; its only concern is to increase its power. God has a way of dealing with such blasphamous endeavors.

As Russian traditionalist leader and geo-political theorist Alexander Dugin writes on page 149 of Eurasian Mission: An introduction to Neo-Eurasianism (Arktos, 2014):

The US leads other societies to ruin and perishes itself. …The American Tower of Babel is destined to collapse…. The United States and the elements behind disembodied transnational finance are the poles of the catestrophic processes that are inevitably leading humanity and the global system to commit suicide…



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  1. Well, Sir – I love your quotation from Mr. Dugin, and agree with it. That said, we are, for the foreseeable future, stuck in this god-awful mire, and I glean no consolation whatsoever from the fact that Washington is sinking – because, knowing them, they’ll just print some more money and pay the movers to relocate – probably to Atlanta…


    • If they’re true to their nature and constituency, they’ll move to Boston or New York. However, I don’t believe the U.S.â„¢ will still exist in 2100.


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