Silent no more: A Southern awakening

As we have seen in the wake of the war on Southern heritage led by the Republican Party and Black Left-wing criminals, there are many thousands of Southerners who are willing to publicly oppose anti-Southern extremists. Even in a culture as intolerant to our people, identity and values as the 21st century USA, many thousands of our people refuse to be  intimidated into silence. A few days ago Huffington Post conservatively estimated that there have been 132 pro-Confederate rallies across Dixie since the tragic shooting in Charleston. Some of these were small and quickly organized. Others, such as the ones in Ocala, Florida and central North Carolina drew thousands of supporters – a show of force which prompted Republican politicians to back down from efforts to further erase symbols of Southern heritage.


The GOP’s open betrayal of their Southern White Christian base of political support has proven to be an opportunity for Southern nationalists. A small awakening, perhaps a precursor to a wider public movement, has occurred. New fighters, such as Joe Linder and Sydney Baldwin of South Carolina, are stepping forward and have proudly had their blood spilled for our cause by anti-Southern radicals. New Southern organizers such as David Stone of Florida have emerged, capable of putting thousands on the streets for Dixie. And new Southern nationalist leaders such as William Flowers of Georgia have stepped forth, able to inspire masses of Southerners with the spoken word and principled leadership.

Recently, Mr. Flowers, known to us as the “Cicero of Dixie,” spoke at the 2015 League of the South national conference near Montgomery, Alabama. His determination and love for our people moved me to the verge of tears. Any Southerner with an ounce of pride in his identity or concern for his culture will surely be moved by Flowers’ short address about the designs of Cultural Marxists and awakening Southern opposition to destruction. Don’t miss it!

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  1. I’d suggest that Southrons in doubt, read the commentary on any Huffpo, or other venue, related to articles about the South. They’ll quickly disabuse themselves of the notion that those people living above the Ohio river/Mason Dixon, are our “fellow countrymen.” I’ve read so much that I don’t need to read anymore. It’s all as predictable as a watch.

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    • huffington post is a propaganda tool for the One World Order crowd. Don’t listen to their message of attempting to divide and conquer. Whites must all stick together. don’t let them manipulate you.


  2. The fact is that every White country on Earth is being forced to be diverse. Europe is going islamic. International jewry is spearheading this destruction of Western civilization so they and their traitorous White co conspirators can set up a One World Government. Attacking the South is just one battle in their on going war against us. White south Africans are already the victims of genocide as their farms are taken from them and literally given to black savages who don’t even bother to farm them. So I would like to make the point that we would be immediately defeated and wiped out if the South secedes. ALL White people around the world must stick together in order to save ourselves and our civilization. I think this message needs to be given to the “Cicero” of the South. it’s all well and good to take pride in being Southern and to acknowledge the differences between us and the North but it is foolish Southern pride if it obscures the bigger picture of what is deliberately being done to us. The jew would love for us to secede so they could separate us from other Whites and finish us off quickly. All people descended from Western Europe must stick together and we must also stick with Russians. We are all in this together. Don’t get suckered into ideas of secession. This is not the time.


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