For every one the GOP takes down…

For every Confederate flag taken down by former or sitting Republican governors Jeb BushNikki Haley and Robert Bentley the Southern people erect many more.

The flag pictured here was raised last week by a family member in South Carolina. Years ago the household flew the Confederate flag proudly in front of their home – until one evening their house was vandalized by “youths.” Intimidated by anti-Southern extremists (of the type who have recently vandalized veterans memorials, destroyed private property and even shot and killed those with whom they disagree), the family took down the flag of their ancestors. But upset by the recent all-out (and Republican-led) war on Southern heritage they have again raised the St. Andrew’s Cross of Dixie.

They are not alone. On my short drive through a mostly rural area on the way to work I now pass three homes flying Confederate flags where previously there were none. The contractor who showed up at my house to work today was wearing a Confederate flag baseball cap. And a couple of the men at work have added the Southern banner to their vehicles. And then there are the hundreds of pro-Confederate flag rallies which have happened across the South. The Republican war against Southern heritage has backfired!

Confederate flag in South Carolina



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  1. This is certainly good to hear, but I hope it isn’t a passing fad. I can’t help but think of how people reacted after 9/11. It seemed like everyone was displaying the American flag, on their clothing, on their vehicles, and at their homes. Stores could not keep flags in stock.

    There is a house near me that in the past would occasionally fly the CBF, but most of the time they displayed the Stars and Stripes, or no flag at all. I’ve noticed that they have been flying the CBF exclusively since this latest assault on our heritage (the CBF in particular) started. Knowing their history, I fear they will put the Yankee rag back up once this latest attack blows over. Or maybe they’ve finally gotten the message. Time will tell.

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  2. Several have gone up here in Lamar Point, north of Paris, Texas. I don’t know if anybody around here is aware of the rallies or not, but it can’t be a coincidence.

    BTW Michael, according to the 1860 census, 75% of the men available for military service in Lamar County, Texas, came from South Carolina.

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