Party meeting cancelled; upcoming projects explained

A planned meeting for September 19, 2015 in Augusta, Georgia to form a committee to start a Southern nationalist party is being cancelled. Tomorrow I will begin contacting those who had been invited to inform them of the cancellation.

I am simply too busy with previous obligations and personal commitments to give the project the attention it deserves. Yes, we need a Southern nationalist party for two primary reasons: 1) to punish the GOP for its betrayal of Southern White Christian voters and 2) to give Southerners the option of voting for a party which actually represents them and their interests. To lead such a project we need people with time, resources and sustained motivation.

In September I will be in Europe to deliver a speech before an important group of officials and intellectuals who are sympathetic to our cause. This and the upcoming release of my book are my two areas of political/historical focus. I have two more books planned to follow this one, comprising a trilogy on the Golden Circle.



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  1. I’m sorry to hear the formation of a Southern party has been put on hold. I had actually been giving a lot of thought to your proposed concepts for such a party, and was excited at the idea of traditional Southerners finally having a political voice. However, I understand all too well how personal obligations must come first. Please keep us posted on any future plans.

    Also, best of luck to you in Europe.

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    • Thanks. Not sure if I will be able to go with my girlfriend or publishing agent or not but it will be a very good time I am sure and helpful for our cause.

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