Our Great Space: The Golden Circle (part II)

The geographic symmetry of the Golden Circle is beautiful. The two powers of the region with the largest populations, Dixie and Brazil, are at the extreme north and south. Both are enormous, green lands with large and highly capable Western populations. And between them is the Southern sea, the Caribbean, with its small fertile islands and abundance of fossil fuels. At the center of this important regions lies Cuba, pointing northwest to the Mississippi River.

The two largest river systems in the New World, the Amazon and Mississippi, run through the two major lands (Dixie and Brazil) at the north and south. The Mississippi bisects Dixie and orients it towards the Caribbean and the heart of the Golden Circle. The Port of South Louisiana, at its mouth, is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. It and other Southern ports on the Caribbean dominate US shipping. Meanwhile, the Amazon points outward to the broader world. And more than a third of all known species in the world live in its rain forest. These two river systems are among the most economically and ecologically important in the world.

The geographic entirety of the Golden Circle points to the wholeness of the region and its past and future as a natural world power.

Also see: Part I



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