‘Rising star’ Haley brags of anti-Southern record

South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley recently seemed to urge her party to move Leftward socially and bragged of her successful efforts to remove the Confederate flag from a veterans memorial at the Statehouse. Haley, a reliable voice for the Big Business lobby in the Palmetto State, has won praise from pro-establishment figures in her party for embracing the demands of anti-Southern groups. Black Left-wing leader Jesse Jackson recently sang her praises for adopting his agenda. Her resum√© was previously based mostly on her gender and non-European ancestry. She is now considered a “rising star” in the Republican Party and a potential vice presidential pick.

In a talk with Republican National Committee leaders she boasted of her anti-Southern record in taking down the Confederate flag and added “if we can do that in South Carolina, just think what we can do across our country.” She also urged her party to assume a softer, more caring image.



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  1. Well, Sir, not being a Sandpiper, I do not have a serious voice in this. The fact is that I do not know how she represented herself, to y’all’s people, when she ran.

    Just north of y’all, I have my own governor – who, all in all I am well pretty pleased with. Though, he, like Governor Haley, initially went along with the Republican savage the Confederate flag juggernaut, he soon backed away from endorsing an end to the 2,000+ specialized Confederate licence plates my country issues,
    and, not long after that, signed a massive bill protecting all our monuments, and miking them all but impossible to remove – and, even if they were moved, they would have to be moved to places of similar prominence, within the same locale.

    Further, he has been a part of producing the best voting act in the states – stifling the left’s ability to cheat, to harness college age voters against us, en masse, and to unfund the communist people producing facilities of the People’s Republick of UNC. (as I informed you a fortnight afore) Further, we have redistricted up here, and now it is going to be something of a small hell for leftists (scalawags, Yankee retirees, and NAACP negroes) to win back this state – ever.

    So, I have little reason to complain. Yes, our governor IS a part of that same pro-business lobby you so rue, BUT, he has not stabbed us in the back – even though he admits to a ‘childhood confusion of who he is (Yankee or Confederate) owing to moving here from Ohio as a child of nine.

    All that said, when I behold your governor’s picture, in my bosom, I feel a acridity in my bosom that no Tarheel gentleman can feel comfortable feeling – much as I feel towards Governor Bentley of Alabama, or Rand Paul (previously my favorite non NC senator) because of their scalawag actions and words against our countrymen, in recent weeks.

    For me, I simply cannot wrap my mind around her seeking to represent a state whose culture and heritage, I have come to believe, she deeply resents.

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing is who she is…

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