Trump & mass democracy

It isn’t intellectual or statesman-like. It is about as far as can be from the Roman aristocratic republican ideal embraced by the traditional South. But it is entertaining, politically-incorrect and appealing to millions who realize that America isn’t great any more (but aren’t quite ready to take a hard look at the demographic and cultural reality which has created this situation). “The Donald” refuses to apologize for making fun of Rosie O’Donnell, an obese lesbian who promotes far-Left causes. He demands that a wall be built on the Mexican border and notes that Hispanic immigrants are bringing Third World problems to a First World country. He relentlessly attacks Republican elites for selling out on issue after issue. And he does all of this with his brass, over-the-top, showman-like style which works perfectly for video clips in this Internet age.

Trump is a product of mass democracy. He is a bourgeois man who admits that he buys politicians and uses the system to make lots of money. He says exactly what is on his mind and the people love him for it. There are lots of historical comparisons we could make here. But Trump is a product of this system, even as he runs on an anti-Establishment platform and attacks the media, government and continually reminds viewers that America is losing.



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  1. The big flaw in Democracy is that they let anybody vote. However, the Southern people have been disenfranchised since 1865. Their participation in the process is essentially irrelevant and their token vote counts for naught.

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  2. Sir, I most respect Mr. Trump because of his guts, his confidence, his honesty, forthrightness, his vigourous professionalism, and his very clear intelligence.

    I do, however, think his candidacy, and possible presidency, would be a great poison for my fellow countrymen, many of whom, now, just at the precipice of contemplate a life outside of the current political organization, would be largely encouraged to think Trump could ‘fix it’.

    That would be a sad delusion; because, though he could definitely make some positive, even very positive changes, short term – the fact would remain, however, that the subverted government of Washington is neither ours, nor has it been, for a very very long time, constitutional – and, hence, our position, longterm, would remain tenuous, marginalized & oppresst.

    I always come back to the same point, Sir, when speaking with my countrymen, up here, and that is : I do not wish to be in a union with people who do not publically acknowledge Our Lord, and who view The Constitution as ‘something to contend with and reform. Nor do I wish to our culture to be subject to the judgement of foreigners from Vermont, Minnesota, Oregon, and Hawaii.

    It’s a bad marriage, and, if the truth be known, though we have prospered financially, it has always been a bad one.

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    • Me either. We should never again be in a government with those not of our culture and who do not share our identity, faith and values.


      • Michael the North is completely incompatible with us and never again deserves to have anything to do with the Southland. It has a British Colonial complex and is lost in the past of vast expansive empires and military conquest, believing in a land of absolute central control from a city on a hill with a backdrop of coercion for non-compliance, not in a higher and godly position of freedom and liberty. The same arguments towards the Colonies being controlled by an Island can be made towards the States being controlled by a District. The North by and large has never believed in a free civilization, as the Greek Solon, the father of the concept of a Republic, a land Governed by a fixed body of written law first envisioned. The North voluntarily yielded what King George III had granted and the colonies assumed in 1776 and defeated the strongest military power on the globe to achieve. From what the generations before the War of Southern Conquest took place State, what was erected was the closest Government to perfection ever created by man, the closest to the creator Governing our lands directly. As close to being in step with his laws and axioms as has been ever been achieved.


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