Farrell-O’Gorman House of Blackville, SC

The troubled town of Blackville, South Carolina does have its share of beautiful Southern buildings. These are a bright spot (much like Jefferson Davis Academy) in a declining small town beset by a violence “crisis“, a growing gang presence and some of the worst schools in the United States. Like many other Southern towns, Blackville is experiencing numerous negative consequences resulting from the imposition of Northern bourgeois values. But it is still not without its charm.

The Farrell-O’Gorman House is located on Main Street in Blackville and is one of the area’s most beautiful homes. It also has strong Southern nationalist connections. The Blackville SC Heritage Trail brochure reads:

Just prior to the Civil War, Patrick Farrell came to South Carolina from New York to be educated by a relative. He joined the Confederate Army and fought for the South. He acquired large land holdings and also became a merchant. He built this large home for his family in 1875. He and his son were responsible for several of the brick buildings on Main Street, including the Shamrock Hotel. The family was also influential in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Of Irish ancestry himself, Patrick Farrell sent to Ireland for a young man named O’Gorman to help in the business. This young man married Mr. Farrell’s daughter, and they inherited the home. South Carolina’s Catholic bishops visited in the home so often over the years that the family calls one suite of rooms the Bishops’ Suite. This lovely house has been home of six generations of the Farrell and O’Gorman families.

I recently visited Blackville and stopped on Main Street to take these pictures of the beautiful Farrell-O’Gorman House. SF readers may enjoy these reminders of our rich heritage.

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Blackville 01

Blackville 02

Blackville 03



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  1. A charming photo of a charming homestead. We, too, live in a small-town mansion, though antebellum, which was constructed by a Yankee, a Bostonian in specifick, who, made a mint, in the late 18th centuries, conducting a brisk trade between New york City, Boston, and here. In fact, long after he was dead, in the 1850s, this town in which i live even financed a boat, with a steamer, to be constructed solely for the purpose of conveying goods back and forth from here to there.

    I particularly love the way the Farrell-O’Gorman house sits on the property, not least for the foliage which adorns the way.

    Is the ‘Shamrock Hotel’ still up?


  2. Sir, the ‘Shamrock Hotel, I do believe, was reported by you, above, to have been put up by the owners of the house upon which you have baset this article. I gather from your reply, however, that it has gone by the wayside, in Blackville.

    Sir, for most people our town would be ‘Dullsville’, but, for someone of your intellectual vitality and historick inclinations you would be enthralled! Though we only have 2,800 people, over 70 of our structures on the historick house lists. Though we have telephone wires, cars and various-n-sundry technogicla what-not – the town is an outdoor museum to Southern history, and, as well, has the human tenour of a town from decades ago. By all opinions, things have not changed much, here, and I mean that in the best of ways. That is why I say, if you are ever in or traveling through eastern NC, just let me know. My wife and I would be happy to host you, or merely to meet you at a fine traditional restaurant, and take you on a brief cultural tour.


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