Ultra-conservative Christian monarchists for Bush?

Imagine a self-described “ultraconservative Christian Tory monarchist” from England, Mathew Celestis, who backs Republican establishment figure Jeb Bush and thinks that Donald Trump is ruining his chances of winning the White House by dragging the debate to the “lunatic Right.” In this strange reality an “ultraconservative Christian Tory monarchist” supports a center-Left democratic figure who has married a Mexican mestizo woman, speaks mostly Spanish at home, brags about taking down the St. Andrew’s Cross of Dixie and is best known for supporting open borders and amnesty – a  policy which is repopulating the South, the historic land of conservative Christian, English-speaking people mostly of British ancestry.

Thankfully, there are some traditionalist British Tory Christians left in the UK. They understand the importance of our demographic survival, language, heritage and right to live unmolested in our land free of liberal, anti-Southern democrats (with a small ‘d’) like Jeb Bush. Next month I will be in London to speak to a group of such people about our common values rooted in Pre-Modernity and the attacks on our heritage and identity by those such as Bush. I am greatly looking forward to it.

Note: In fairness, Mr. Celestis seems like a good man who generally supports the right position in the church, politics and society. Perhaps we can chalk up his support for Bush to his physical and cultural distance. I am much less sure to what we can attribute his use of Leftist language in denouncing Trump.

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  1. Sir, I am confused. How can someone be ‘ultraconservative’ and yet be for Jeb Bush? Yes, for my liberal friends, Mr. Bush is definitely conservative, but, ultra’? …

    As to The Brits, if I am not mistaken, they are allowing their country to be dismantled more quickly than us – which is saying something.

    The general trend in Britain, as I understand, is considerably to the left of this country, so, it stands to reason that Bush is seen as more conservative – though, again, ‘ultra’????


    • No doubt. And there are numerous points on which Trump can be criticized politically, personally and in his business dealings without going over to the Left to do so. There are definitely problems with Trump, but they do not include that he is of the “lunatic Right.”


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