‘Fighting racism’ & ignoring the poor

The Atlantic recently published an article by Alana Semuels asking “What Will Become of America’s Slums?” It touchs on many of the same themes as our article about “Reforms for Ferguson & Haiti.” Interestingly, it notes that “Efforts to dismantle segregation may take resources away from some of the poorest communities, where investment is most needed.” In other words, the Left’s racial ideology focused on breaking up prosperous White neighborhoods is preventing it from effectively helping those in poverty. It is a surprising but positive development that a Leftist publication would admit this.

In July the Obama Administration announced new policies aimed at breaking up White communities.



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  1. As always, Northerners project their own problems onto the South and attempt to correct them through anti-Southern policies. Destroying Atlanta or Birmingham to symbolically save Detroit or Chicago, while doing nothing for Appalachia, or even poor Southern blacks, is their standard solution. Southern Independence will solve 80% of our problems almost immediately and allow us to make real progress. Immediately I say, because all meaningful political opposition will be gone. Real progress comes when it’s decoupled from the political schemes of distant, hostile strangers.

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  2. Sir,
    A few weeks ago, I was out sweatin’ up a storm, weeding and mowin’ the lawn, on one of the Eastern North Carolinian days when the sun is dictator. Bein’ that we have 1 1/2 acres, it’s a lot of work, and, with the exception that I will use a motorized weeder in some areas, I do it all by myself and by hand – ivy clippers, unmechanized pruners, and an 1890s reel mower.
    Suddenly I heard a shout, and it was a negro who was strange to me. No worries, though, because he had a big smile on his as he said the following :
    ‘Dhat’s sum’ real hones’ woyk yoo doin’ ryght thar’, Suh!’
    I smiled back and agreed, adding that, all in all, it was agreeable to me.
    ‘To that, he added : ‘Yazzuh, but ye don’ see manee ‘a folk out thar’ doin’ it, no mo’.’
    I agreed and thanked him for his kind words.
    At that he waved goodbye and I did the same – he proceeding up the road and I returning to my chores.

    Of course, I knew what he had really said, which was this :

    ‘Sir, it duz this nigger’z heart good to see the whyte owner of a mansion out thar’ tendin’ to his place hisse’f, an’ makin’ no ‘ttempt to cut corners & cheat.’

    Not knowing me, and how I might take such, he did not want me to get lost in issues distracting from the main, which is why he omitted the ‘nefarious’ modifiers.

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  3. For what it’s worth, I agree with Mr, Owen, as I almost always do. I will remind anyone who is looking, however that, before we get to the stage of which Mr. Owen spake, we shall have to pass through an intermittent phase.

    And this ‘intermittent phase’, will be (irrespective of war or not) a political one of unknown length and means; which is precisely why Mr. Cushman is troubling himself to create the precisely worded principles that will, ultimately, undergird our successful transition from genteel servitude to sovereignty.

    In fact, that ‘intermittent phase’ will be like a bridge -, indeed, like trying to cross over at Remagen, Germany, in 1945; a bridge that was both under heavy fire and wired to blow up.

    Money, power, the Yankee legal system and media will all be against us, not to mention Southern scalawags in their millions and entire University system, plus other things I may not be able to anticipate.

    With what do we counter?

    Will, patience, and skill.

    The artifice with which our party, from the very first, is presented to the publick, must be sublime – otherwise we will be painted as the League of The South has been – KKK lite – and, thus, in the eyes of the general unaffiliated Southern publick, rendered anathema. and, therefrom, our every yearning and God-given right WILL BE stifled long past when we are in the grave.

    Any mistake we make will be hung around our neck.

    Bet on it.


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