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    • Yes. But people do respond to strong, moral leadership. Just as someone at VDare said it would only take 1 speech to make immigration the key issue again (which Trump proved true), so I think it would only take 2 strong and moral leader to bring down the system. On a smaller scale, this is something we can do each day in our lives.

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  1. ‘I may have to change my London speech. In it I asserted that there is no US Right outside of the SN tradition, esp. today – there is no one here to unite with to bring down this System…’

    Sir, responding to your comment, above, at Occidental Dissent, I would say this :

    If you are open to it, you can find kindred and allied spirits all over the place. It is not just a question of blood, land, or, even, culture – even though we are rightly to expect these place will be the most fertile ground for our ideas.


  2. That said, I am wary that the Trump Candidacy is very dangerous for our fledgling cause.


    Because, at the end of the day, even if Mr. Trump is president, we are still at the mercy of foreign courts, still the bully-boys of a hostile national media, and at the behest of a system which is unconstitutional.


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