Robertville, SC Baptist Church

One of the architectural and cultural treasures of the Lowcountry is the Robertville Baptist Church. Built in 1847 (and moved to its present location in 1867), it was originally an Episcopal church and blends Greek Revival and Gothic Revival styles. This lovely wooden church sits amid ancient oak trees, their canopies adorned with hanging Spanish moss.

Today, on my way home from Savannah, Georgia, I stopped briefly in the tiny community of Robertville, South Carolina to admire the church. As noted on the sign near the building, the town was burned down by the US military as part of General Sherman’s genocidal campaign of hate to subjugate the Southern people. SF readers may enjoy these pictures I took of the Robertville Baptist Church, a beautiful symbol of our heritage and identity.

rbc 01

rbc 02

rbc 03

rbc 04

rbc 05

rbc 06

rbc 07

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