‘Go after the Belle’: The hateful attack on Southern womanhood

Go after the belle,” urges anti-Southern extremist Elizabeth Boyd in a recent opinion piece for The Washington Post. “Remove” her from “her inglorious perch,” writes the Left-wing academic-activist in words which lay bare her hatred for Southern womanhood. Banning the hoop skirt at the University of Georgia “is a great start,” she writes, but ultimately “white Southern womanhood” must be destroyed. “To hell with the belle,” Boyd angrily intones, doubtlessly with white knuckles and clenched teeth. The seething, moralistic rage is clear and off-putting.

And why must the Southern belle be attacked with this transparent anger? Because:

  • She is White
  • She has a classically-influenced Western standard of beauty
  • She is feminine
  • She is well-mannered
  • She is proud, rather than ashamed, of her Southern roots
  • She has a high moral standard
  • The mere sight of her in her traditional dress is enough to remind people of more peaceful and orderly days when the South was stronger and more secure

So, Professor Boyd and fellow Left-wing, anti-Southern extremists in academia and the media are firing both barrels at the beautiful Southern belle. She must be destroyed so that American cultural degeneracy, universality and moral relativity may reign supreme on Southern campuses.

H/t Amren



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  1. Speaking from experience, the least of the GRITs was far more attractive than the best of the transplant gals in school.

    This woman was educated in Texas and is apparently another self hating Southerner.

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