Trump tops polls with ‘unpopular’ & ‘extremist’ plan

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has a wide lead over all other Republican candidates and is drawing large crowds at campaign stops despite pushing an immigration plan denounced by Leftists and GOP insiders as “extreme” and “unpopular.” CNN notes that “GOP establishment candidates” Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker “are all losing ground” while the politically-incorrect billionaire Trump “continues to dominate the race.” He has more than twice as much support than his closest challengers.

Donald Trump is riding high in the polls with his plans to build a wall across the Mexican border, end birthright citizenship, deport all illegal immigrants, end Federal funding for “sanctuary cities” and lower the number of legal immigrants. He advocates putting native workers first and allowing their pay to rise by cutting off the flow of cheap labor from the Third World, something denounced by chamber-of-commerce-Republican leaders. Liberal, pro-immigration GOP pundits such as George Will have argued that Trump and his supporters should be purged from the party, much as it once forced out Patrick Buchanan. The Left-wing website echos Will’s attack on Trump’s candidacy as “the last whimper of the angry white men.” White Christian conservatives, especially Southerners, make up the Republican base of support. As Pat Buchanan has pointed out, “if the GOP has no room for Trump’s followers, then it has no future.” But Republican establishment types such as Charles Krauthammer have ripped Trump and and his supporters while defending Third World immigrants – most of whom vote for the Left against the interests of conservatives.

It should be noted that prior to Trump’s candidacy Southern nationalists were the most vocal and active group challenging the US open borders policy and its resulting displacement of local culture and harmful impact on native workers. Now a quarter of the Republican Party is standing up to GOP elites and the liberal US media, backing a candidate who is pushing our views on this important subject.

Note: The establishment candidates reportedly now believe Trump could win Iowa, the GOP nomination and even the White House. This has them in “full freak out mode.”



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  1. The Left works on the principle that if they insist on anything for long enough, it’ll become reality. Insist Trump’s plan is unpopular until it is for real. Similarly, they pretend certain things are illegal, even if it means the police are annoyed by false calls, because they aren’t, then go back and get the laws passed ex post facto. Using that logic, we ought to pretend that the Southern people are sovereign in their own states and country. It just might come true.

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  2. Sir,
    Before I peruse your article, I just want to say that you have always had a keen eye for irony, as evinced by the title of this article, and, as I have, I urge you to use it in crafting elaborations of Southern Nationalist planks.

    As you know, some things are so dark, and or need such a forceful expression, that one must lighten up a bit, not to seem lunatical.

    Irony is that tool – such a thin and extremely sharp blade it is very difficult to counter.

    The lord gave you that. Never turn your back on it.


    • Thank you, JD. You are correct that irony is difficult to counter. The Left is great at irony, though they somehow miss the irony of their own rhetoric.


  3. That establishment candidates have suddenly hit ‘full freak out mode’ … makes you wonder out of what cave they crawled?!? …

    Amazing how detacht the Lords of the Republican Party are…


  4. ‘Thank you, JD. You are correct that irony is difficult to counter. The Left is great at irony, though they somehow miss the irony of their own rhetoric.’

    You’re welcome, Sir. I feel good about your statement, here, because it means you will be sensible of the vast opportunities in crafting our plank – opportunities to force them to preoccupy themselves defending themselves, giving us the space and time to grow ourselves and retake the initiative.

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