Canadian Tory friends of Dixie

The Southern people are blessed to have many friends throughout the world and the Canadian Tory is counted as one of our closest, both ethnically and ideologically. Gerry T. Neal and Andrew Fraser explain this connection in a recent discussion that SF readers will doubtlessly enjoy. Neal, after explaining his sympathy for the Southern States’ right of secession and the more civilized and traditional form of Christianity which dominated the South as compared to the North, writes in response to the present war on Southern heritage and identity:

[T]his Canadian, like those of the 1860s, wishes the South well, and hopes that they will recover enough of the spirit of their ancestors to raise the rebel flag once more, and tell these self-righteous, sanctimonious, neo-Puritan, busybodies where they can shove it.



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  1. Our family doctor was from Canada. He made house calls. He had manners and courtesy that we would recognise as natural and common for us. He wasn’t foreign in any way. Unlike the Northern transplants.

    George “lightning” Ellsworth was a Canadian who rode with Morgan and was the World’s first electronic warfare officer. He hacked the Union telegraph net and play all kinds of havoc. We definitely have friends among Canadians. Who know civilisation when they see it.

    I’ve noticed that Yankee “comedians”, when they’re not in anti-Southern mode, spend time bashing Canadians.

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  2. I read the article, which neatly and succinctly disposes of the Northern argument. It also shows that most people in the outside World don’t buy the Northern People’s claims. Which are simply lies repeated ad infinum.

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