Nationalist update August 20, 2015


Donald Trump will bring his populist, anti-immigration message to Mobile, Alabama in an upcoming event expected to draw a huge crowd. The politically-incorrect billionaire bypassed the local chamber-of-commerce-Republican establishment in setting up the campaign stop and is being attacked in the press by pro-amnesty Republican officials such as Quin Hillyer. UPDATE: After tens of thousands of people indicated they were attending, Trump’s rally is being moved to a football stadium!

The chamber-of-commerce-Republican governor of Georgia Nathan Deal quietly and cowardly erased the names of two Confederate-related holidays from the State’s calender. Deal put the demands of Big Business and Black Leftists over the interests of his White Southern conservative base.

The Left-wing administrators of Washington and Lee University in Virginia have refused to allow the Sons of Confederate Veterans to celebrate Lee-Jackson Day on campus grounds. General Robert E. Lee, for whom the university is named, is buried there.


The conservative government of Denmark, heavily influenced by the success of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party which won 21% of the vote in the recent election, is set to announce an upcoming referendum on its relationship with the European Union.

Congratulations to the Swedish Democrats! The nationalist party which opposes mass immigration has doubled its support twice in recent years to become the largest party in Sweden, polling at 25%. The ruling Socialist and pro-immigration conservative parties have seen their support eroded as the negative impact of Third World immigration has hurt many Swedes.

Christoph Blocher, the billionaire head of the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, urges Switzerland to take a strong position in upcoming negotiations with the European Union. Blocher’s party is the largest in the country and pushed for a referendum limiting immigration – which narrowly passed. The EU asserts that this violates its principles and is threatening to cut trade to the Alpine nation if it doesn’t throw out the will of the Swiss people.



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    • Go Switzerland! Kick out the freakin EU, the United Nations and assert your sovereignty and break off formal relations with the United States of America.

      if they did that and I had the money I would move there in a heartbeat!

      There was a time when Switzerland refused to get involved with any of the above that I just mentioned but they finally caved to pressure to join and now they’re looking at their sovereignty being eroded it would be great to see them go back to being a sovereign nation and telling the United States the United Nations and the EU to get bent.

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