Denying reality in determining destiny

The US refusal to embrace reality is summarized well on this billboard (see image below) that I saw in eastern Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. It reads “Demographics do not determine your destiny.”

While a statistically few individuals in any population will rise well above or fall far below the average capacity of that population, there is no doubt that significant and self-evident inequality of human ethno-cultural groups does heavily determine the overall destiny of any society. The plantation civilization of the New World (called the “Golden Circle” by many nineteenth century Southerners), a once-prosperous, influential and highly cultured region of the world, has experienced the negative effects of the denial of this fact. Memphis, New Orleans, Haiti, Birmingham and much of northeastern Brazil are dragged down by the democratic rule of the most populous demographic group (empowered by radical bourgeois forces that destroyed the plantation civilization). These regions are unable to achieve the heights they once reached when they were governed by the classically-influenced, patriarchal, hierarchical values of the plantation civilization.

NOTE: For an instructive lesson in the power of demographics, compare Jefferson Davis Academy in Blackville, SC to the local public high schools.

Demographics is not destiny billboard



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  1. I’m very confused about your arguements. Are you saying minorities should not have equal protection under the law. Which is what the blackd did not have 40 to 50 years ago.


    • It depends upon what you mean by equal protection. If you mean that the criminal code applies to members of both races, then yes. My point was merely that the message is false. Ethno-cultural groups, like individuals, are not equal. An area dominated politically and culturally by East Asians will not preform like one dominated by West Africans, Polynesians, Europeans or Arabs. And with each larger group there are sub-groups which preform differently. I realize the billboard’s message was meant to inspire young Blacks, but it is a false message and the sort generally promoted by misguided White SJWs.


  2. Sir,
    Without a doubt you are right in what you say; though, I think the sign was really code for another message :

    ‘Listen up, Young Black Man – just because your group is going to pot does not mean you have to follow suit. Find you own path and excell.’

    All in all, I think they could have picked a better and more forthright way to voice that!

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  3. Webmaster: What I mean is we all, no matter what ethnic group you’re, have equal protection under the law. But after reading some more of your articles I see you want to return the south to some type of pre-civil rights era, which I personally don’t agree with. I think your a talent writer and came across your site on accident and I had to read a few articles to realize your a white nationalist.

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    • Marcus, I am not a WN. I am a Southern nationalist and traditionalist. In a way you are correct in that I do not believe in civil rights as they are understood today. I fundamentally do not believe equal rights, a concept of human design which is not found in nature, should be bestowed upon all people by a state irregardless of their capacity or moral standings. For example, US civil rights mean a homeless drug addict with no education and a below average IQ who abuses his children has just as much say in the laws we all live under as does a morally upstanding man who is educated, provides for others and has an above average IQ. This is my problem with “equal rights”. It ignores reality and pretends that unequal people are equal.


  4. Marcus, for whatever it is worth – my daddy’s folk were from Jewish stock and the site-master has long known that. Too, I have oft come here and have always been given great courtesy and hospitality. If the site-master were a white nationalist, how could that be ?; – as they to a one hate anyone with Jewish blood…

    Further, Sir, the sitemaster is very definitely NOT trying to recoup the exact kind of government as what existed before the 1960s, but, he, as well as I, are looking to change those policies which have not only undermined the white community, but, the black as well – in short, all Southern people, one way or the other, who have to live in the mess the Yankee government has created of modernity.


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