Nationalist update August 23, 2015


The far-Left, anti-White government of Brazil has crashed the country’s economy. Unemployment is at a 5 year high. President Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist terrorist who was jailed by the military government of Brazil in 1970, is under investigation for corruption. Massive protests of millions of people have called for the resignation or impeachment of Rousseff.

Donald Trump combines nationalism and populism to win over the Lower South, which he sees as the key to winning the GOP nomination. The US media is condemning Trump for focusing on the South and for his supporters being nearly all White, anti-immigration and supportive of the Confederate flag. Trump is being compared to former Alabama Governor George Wallace.

Mexican immigrant families are suing Texas in Federal court for denying US birth certificates to their anchor babies. The children of illegal immigrants are automatically granted citizenship under US law if born north of the Rio Grande. This makes it easier for entire families of illegal immigrants to apply and gain US citizenship. Donald Trump has come under fire from Mexicans and the US media for using the term “anchor babies.” He is calling for such children to not be recognized as US citizens.


Denmark is planning to run advertisements in North African and Middle Eastern newspapers comparing the stricter immigration and welfare benefits of the country to more generous and open nearby European countries. The goal is to spread the word that Denmark is an undesirable location for Third World immigrants. The Danish People’s Party, a nationalist party which gained 21% of the vote in a recent national election, is driving this plan.

Nationalists protesters rioted in Dresden, Germany as police settled 600 African and Arab immigrants in a new shelter. Tens of thousands of Third World immigrants are being taken in each month in Germany, displacing the native people and causing social divisions. Non-Western immigration is particularly unpopular in Dresden and the still mostly-German but sparsely populated east of the country. German Leftists and pro-immigration conservatives have indicated that they will begin to focus on flooding eastern Germany with Third World immigrants.

Thousands of Arab immigrants broke through a police barrier on the Greek-Macedonian border. Impoverished and struggling Greece has received 50,000 immigrants in just the last month. Most seek to make it to northern Europe where government benefits are generous and the economy is strong.

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  1. The German government is punishing Dresden for the actions of the anti-Muslim political group PEGIDA, which has drawn thousands of nationalist-minded Germans to their weekly rallies for the last several months. The media tries to downplay the influence of PEGIDA, but in June their candidate for mayor of Dresden got nearly 10% of the vote.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the US government started dumping even more Third World immigrants on the South as retaliation for all of the pro-South, pro-CBF rallies that have taken place this summer. That’s not to say that Southerners shouldn’t continue to have such rallies–we should–just that we should expect the immigrant situation to get even worse before it gets better.

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