Bush, Merkel, Hollande & company

When it comes to pro-establishment politicians it really doesn’t matter if they are “conservative” or “liberal”, they can be counted upon to take the side of Third World immigrants (and the Big Business interests who want a steady stream of cheap labor) over their own people. This is equally true for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (Republican), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democrat) and French President Francois Hollande (Socialist):

  • Jeb Bush, who married a Mexican woman, recently condemned Donald Trump’s plan as not “conservative” to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border. Bush has long been an outspoken champion of amnesty and Third World immigration.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently condemned protesters for opposing the government’s plan to move hundreds of Arab and African  immigrants into a shelter in Dresden. Germany is expecting nearly a million such Third World immigrants this year alone. The “conservative” chancellor labeled those who oppose filling up Germany with Africans and Arabs as “Right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis.”
  • Even after the recent attempted train attack by a Muslim immigrant, French President Francois Hollande condemned those against the Schengen agreement ending border guards which allows immigrants and others to go where ever they want once they enter Europe. Hollande is a strong supporter of what many French now call “The Great Replacement” – the replacement of ethnic French people with Arabs, Africans and other non-French.
Jeb Bush Mexican Family
Jeb Bush’s Mexican family



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  1. As I watched Angela Merkel say that her country would NOT tolerate those who did not want to take in an estimated minimum 800,000 refugees – permanently, I felt so sorry for her people.

    How could any home stand if it just left all it’s doors wide open all the time, with no discernment whatsoever.

    Yes, we Southerners come from a culture of unlockt doors, house and barn-raisings, and covered dishes for funerals, but, still, in the end. we all have to have defineable homes.

    What in the name of Jehovah is ‘conservative’ about ‘Ms. Merkel?


  2. My gut tells me that Jeb Bush is a very very nice man.

    That said, he considers himself ‘a Latin American’ … and that is in very own words.

    Now, I can tell you, being a half breed as I am, what a burden it is to fight through cultural confusion.

    I don’t wish that kind of confusion on anybody, and I sure as hell don’t want the Yankee presidency of such a confused man inflicted on my people and my land.

    If you don’t even no what race you belong to, and who are your own, how, in God’s name, are you to represent them?

    I say a permanent NO to the candidacy of Jeb Bush –

    No way, no how!


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