Before Left & Right

We frequently use “Right-wing” as shorthand for our traditionalist, Southern nationalist worldview. We generally applaud when Donald Trump, the Sweden Democrats or anyone else in the Western world stands up to the political establishment and opposes Third World immigration, defends our people and jobs or fights the “culture of critique.” We have lots of allies against the System and those on our side are on the rise.

That said, we are only Rightists when pegged to the Left-Right spectrum of Modernity. And our worldview is distinct from that of Trump or the Sweden Democrats or other Modern Right-wing parties. And as Southern nationalist James Owens recently reminded us, even the best of US politicians such as Trump “must have broad appeal across the U.S. as a whole. Furthermore, he is simply not in our political world, despite his exposition of some of our ideas.”

After the French monarchy and established church were dethroned in bloody revolution, the “Right” became largely defined by classical liberalism. The focus went from the family and society as an organic unit to the individual. This was especially true in the USA, born from classical liberal revolution. The established church of the Southern colonies was soon abolished. The ties to our sister colonies in the British West Indies (which also had an established church, plantation cultures and neo-classical values) were cut. Our politics were tied to the bourgeois politics of the North. It was a destructive schism which Southern nationalists of the mid-1800s sought to at least partially correct. Ever since, when pro-Southern politicians have ventured close to our foundational values, US opinion-makers and gate-keepers have been quick to call them out for being outside of the acceptable US Left-Right spectrum.

The fascists of the 1920s and 30s promoted the concept of being “beyond” Left and Right. As Alexander Dugin has noted, they saw themselves as being super-progressives in competition with communists and liberals to determine which was the most Modern. The fascists lost (as did the communists) but the concept of being beyond Left and Right still reappears from time to time.

A useful way of thinking about the traditional Southern worldview of hierarchy, paternalism, organic community applied to out unique circumstances is as being before Left and Right:

  • The South and Golden Circle were settled as distinct societies before the French and American Revolution
  • Our society was influenced by the Renaissance, not the Enlightenment
  • Our values are pre-Modern or neo-classical, not Modern; our values were completely formed and proven to work before the advent of socialism, communism and fascism
  • There was no Left or Right in the Classical world; there was civilization and order vs barbarism
  • Our worldview incorporates traditionalist, social and ethno-cultural ideas in a way that no Modernist ideology does

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