The future of the Right

Matthew Yglesias had some insightful analysis about the rise of the Right in a recent article for Vox. He noted that “if you want to understand Donald Trump, look to the success of the European far-Right.” The writer points out that nationalist parties in Europe are topping the polls with platforms which oppose immigration, protect native workers and approach social spending policies from a centrist position (especially for the immediate future in protecting those dependent upon such policies until we can transition to a more sustainable approach). Trump is essentially running on the same platform as the most popular parties in Sweden, Denmark and France.

This is a theme we at SF have repeatedly pointed out. We regularly report on the progress of nationalist parties such as the Danish People’s Party, Sweden Democrats, National Front (France) and Northern League (Italy). Each is led by media-savvy politicians with strong popular appeal who campaign on the all-important issues of immigration and jobs. Each has aligned themselves against the establishment’s platform of neo-liberal economics and open borders.

Even as I write this Donald Trump is flying in to speak to a sold-out event in Greenville, South Carolina – the heartland of the Republican Party in the Palmetto State. A year ago I helped organized two Southern nationalist anti-immigration demonstrations in the suburbs of Greenville. In fact, Southern nationalists have held such demonstrations across the South under the slogan “immigration hurts Southern workers” for the last few years. Trump’s ascendancy and the extremely positive public feedback we gained show that the message works. There is certainly much work to be done in areas of organization, media contacts, fundraising, etc. but it is clear that we have the Right message for the future.




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  1. What is needed above all else, are true statesmen who are disconnected from the Northern establishment. Men who will govern, even if their decisions are unpopular, for the ultimate benefit of the Southern people. Trump obviously can’t do this, as he must have broad appeal across the U.S. as a whole. Furthermore, he is simply not in our political world, despite his exposition of some of our ideas.

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