SN alternative to Atlanticism

Southern nationalism (SN) and the political theory of the Golden Circle offer the possibility of an alternative to Atlanticism, one of the keys to the present global liberal hegemony. The present US-led North American-European order is kept alive by the dominant political parties in the US, UK, Canada and Western Europe. In this scenario the UK functions as Airstrip One, while the USA provides most of the military spending and muscle to enforce and spread Post-Modernity to far-flung reaches of the globe. Our alternative would involve the same countries (though it would also include some which are now virtually ignored) but would function differently.


Our alternative to Atlanticism would support a multi-polar world rather than the present order. This necessarily follows from our opposition to Federal supremacy as well as the values of our native worldview.


Our order would first rest upon institutional and personal relationships between those most closely related to us ethnically and ideologically: true Tories and nationalists of the UK and Red Tories and fellow travelers in Canada. Beyond this, we would find partners in nationalist-conservative France, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Hungary. In each of these countries strong nationalist movements are poised to assume leadership and would naturally align well with us. Traditionalist and resurgent Russia, as the leading power challenging Atlanticism and global liberal hegemony, would be vital to this new and better order. Together with these powers we would assure that trans-Atlantic trade and transport would continue and thrive in the absence of US domination of that ocean.


The Mississippi River which splits our land in half, runs north to south and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Our largest ports are at its mouth or on the Texas coast. They orient us southward. Florida, stretching out almost to Cuba and so near the Bahamas, is our Caribbean peninsula. It also orients us southward. Texas and Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico, are our two most populous and economically prosperous States. They and our important interests in Cuba and elsewhere would make the Caribbean a Southern sea. It would be our primary area of focus on the international scene.


With our focus on and orientation towards the Caribbean, we would also quickly work to rebuild strong ties to friends in Central America, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil as well as surviving Western populations on the islands. The major thrust of our foreign policy would be directed in this area.

The SN alternative to Atlanticism would then be one built upon a healthy relationship with traditionalists and nationalists in Canada, the UK, Europe and Russia. Our orientation would be southward and our primary foreign policy focus would be on rebuilding strong ties and influencing the post-plantation world of the Golden Circle. This approach would be geared towards supporting a multi-polar world in which the Southern national state is independent, influential and connected to friends throughout our region of the world.

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  1. As far as Florida goes, nearly 60% of the population is of Northern origin. I consider them a bigger threat than the Latin American invasion. Ironically, we have more in common, culturally, with Latins, than with the swarms of New Jerseyites, Ohioans and New Yorkers who have turned Florida into the most southerly of Northern states.

    Up until 1865, Florida was the last frontier in the east. It was a colony of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. The population was sparse, but Florida was undeniably Southern and comming along nicely in development. It rivaled Texas in cattle production and it’s newer plantations took advantage of hard won experience to produce large quantities of cotton and other staple crops. Many a Georgian and South Carolinian was able to establish a successful plantation they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, back home. But like Missouri and Kansas, the North have cut it off from the Southern people’s natural lines of settlement and progress. Northern transplants are attempting to do the same to Texas and Oklahoma by redefining them, like Missouri, as “Midwest.” Anything, however, but Southern.


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