SN alternative to Atlanticism (part II)

Southern judge and historian John V. Denson in his book A Century of War (Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2006) traces the development of the United States’ aggressive foreign policy. He explores how US efforts to eclipse the industrialized British Empire in the late 1800s was pushed by Northern banking interests (which had promoted and helped fund the war against the Confederacy). Denson points out that the new Anglo-American order which emerged “represents some of the world’s most important economic interests” and promoted a foreign policy that is embraced by both major US political parties with “little debate or discussion.” Denson writes:

This Anglo-American group is not a dark, illegal conspiracy, although it does try to withhold its ultimate aims from public scrutiny. These people, or their minions, are openly active in American and British politics by holding elective offices and holding cabinet positions in their respective governments. Their financial contributions and political propaganda are immensely effective.

It should be noted that this Anglo-American group is thoroughly bourgeois and anti-traditionalist. They waged war on the plantation civilization of the Golden Circle, had no problem empowering former slaves over Western people and routinely pursue wars to advance their internationalist, economic interests. While the American side of this alliance was interested in controlling Latin America, it pursued a Modernist agenda there which was harmful to post-plantation societies. It also pursued war in Europe against advanced Western land powers.

Our vision of an alternative to the present Atlanticist order would function entirely differently.

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