One woman’s courage in Kentucky

Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has invoked “God’s authority” in her defiant stand against the dictates of Washington, DC. The Republican-controlled US Supreme Court which earlier this year forced homosexual marriage upon all fifty States has refused to hear Davis’ appeal for exemption in issuing marriage licenses to gay couples due to her Christian religion. A group of angry gay activists have gathered outside Davis’ office and are shouting against her.

Where are all the churches and self-proclaimed Christian conservatives to stand with Davis? Their resistance to Federal orders re-defining marriage appears to have largely wilted away. But one brave woman in Kentucky is willing to stand up to the US government and her courage deserves to be applauded.



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  1. Where is the Church on this issue? I see so called Christian ministers have no problem with rallying millions to support a war in Iran but they are silent on Christian persecution here at home. They have the power to rally the financial and political support for any Christians who are persecuted by modern American degenerate society. Why don’t they care about their own people as much as they do a foreign country?

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    • The vast majority of people in Kentucky oppose gay marriage. The US Supreme Court not only broke with thousands of years of history in striking a blow against the fundamental human institution, but also trampled upon the sovereignty of the people of KY. Let us not pretend we are free and self-governing if the will of millions of people can be thrown out by 9 people in black robes. It should also be noted that KY is overwhelmingly White Protestant Southern. Yet there is not a single White Protestant – much less a Southerner – on that awful court. It does not represent our people. This is the very definition of tyranny. The colonies fought a revolution against England over far less.


      • Are you saying you want to organize a revolution in which you would make KY a sovereign state? You either accept you are part of the USA, and its democracy or you don’t right? There are plenty of laws that people do not agree with, yet they enforce because they recognize the legitimacy of of the USA and it’s democracy.
        In relation to Kim Davis, if she wants to recognize the democratic processes and the elected office she holds; should she not enforce the laws her country demands of her to do? If she does not recognize the USA then why should she stay in her job?
        In relation to the way decisions are made, we are always going to disagree with something government at large does, but democracy does not only mean your opinion is represented, but also that you are willing to accept laws and decisions you do not agree with. If you disagree with something, you use the democratic process to revert or change laws you are unhappy with, not disregard it.
        It basically boils down to: do you or do you not accept the USA constitution? If you don’t, then revolution is the answer, and good luck to you. If you do, then you respect the law and try to change things through the democratic posses.
        Walking Around Human


        • Yes, I am saying that the USA is a tyranny in which people unlike us rule over us and force their values and anti-Christian policies upon us. If it were possible I would certainly support kicking the Federal Government entirely out of the Southern States so that we could be free to govern ourselves again according to our own values and traditions.

          I accept the fact that the US rules over us and harms us. I accept that they have demonstrated that they will kill hundreds of thousands of us and burn our cities to the ground if we try to be free. All around where I live there are graveyards full of my people who were killed by the US government because we sought to be self-governing. I also long for the day when Washington, DC no longer has any power over us and is reduced to a powerless, Third World ghetto – inhabited by the aliens it has brought to this land.


        • Interesting, I welcome the freedom for you to think that. How does gay marriage infringe in your rights? specifically, how does two people of the same gender marring through a federal institution (which you hate) affect your life directly? Are you being forced to get married to another man? Is this not some sort of overreaction from your part?
          Finally, why do you not renounce your USA citizenship? and reject the constitution? You might as well.
          Anyways thanks for taking the time to respond to my comments, Have a good day 🙂
          Walking Around Human


        • If you believe in self-determination and the idea that distinct cultures have the right to rule themselves according to their values as opposed to outside values imposed upon them at the point of a gun then you have the answer to your question. If not, then as Alexander Dugin has stated: if you believe in global liberal hegemony then you are the enemy. There really is no middle ground when it comes to the belief in the moral authority to impose your (liberal, alien) values upon us. We reject that right. And as soon as we have the power to do so we will stop you from doing it. That day is coming sooner than you may think. Where will liberal imperialists be then?

          As for citizenship, I was born in the land of my ancestors. I asked for no papers from Washington, DC. I am of a nation of people. That to me means far more than a government number for which I never asked. Those like me are human in a way that Modern individuals can not appreciate. Ask a tribal man any where on this planet though and he can appreciate this.


        • I agree, you should create a separate state where everyone agrees with your values and those of your people. Because you either recognise you are a part of a “nation of people”, take part in democracy and respect the law; or you go your own way. If you believe you can take power back through democracy and change things back, that is fine, go for it! If your beliefs are more important than the democratic process and the LAW, then you don’t belong in the democratic system an you should indeed push for total independence from the rest of society who DO respect democracy. To me it sounds like you are only democratic when it suits you. Which is totally against the ideals of democracy and the founding fathers. USA is the greatest country in world, because of its democracy, not because of people undermining it.
          Walking Around Human


        • I am not democratic at all. Democracy is one of the worst possible systems of government and leads to more wars, the constant growth of government, fragmented society and decline.

          The USA is a failed experiment in combining different and competing racial, cultural and religious groups under one centralized government and pretending that they (like the constituent peoples of the Roman Empire or Soviet Union) are a single nation. I am thankful that this experiment appears on the way out. We are working to replace it with a system for our people which actually works.


        • Indeed, many people have been interested in creating societies that do not revolve around traditional democratic values. One good example are the anarchist societies that sprung up in the USA and Europe, but have shown to have little effect in staying viable, and quickly dissolved. On the other side of the spectrum, you can have a North Korea style of society where there is an authoritarian leading figure. The problem with this is that people actually loose their freedom, and don’t gain it. So what does your new system actually look like? Because I don’t think there are many societies that look like the one you are trying to create. Do you have any examples of societies you plan to base your new civilization on? I ask you this because if you don’t have an actual plan to replace democracy, history tells us you are doomed to wither within a generation or two. What is your theoretical framework for this new society? The reason I ask is, if you wish to make a new society, you cant just say you will build a ‘better one’ you have a viable plan. I am not convinced you have one, and this is why I suspect you would rather support vanilla activism like the one of Kim Davis, instead of really thinking of making a new system. The USA constitution is probably one of the best when you compare it to the rest of the world.


      • As HW has shown at OD, it’s the white electorate in the traditional North that determines both the Presidency and national policy. That’s why they favour centralisation and a diminished role for the states. There is little difference in sentiment between Minnesota and Maine, or Illinois and Pennsylvania. They prefer not to hear from Dixie or other traditional areas. The WSI and blood ties made them this way. This leaves Southerners especially, and most traditionalist residents of the Western states, essentially disenfranchised. Nearly all Supreme Court Justices and Presidents are Northerners, with few exceptions. They always express the Northern people’s will. Hence “Democracy” is a good system for them, but bad for us.


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