Ultra-conservative Christian monarchists for Bush? (part II)

A short time ago SF noted a British supporter of Jeb Bush who described himself as an “ultraconservative Christian monarchist.” Thanks to our post on the subject, Matthew Celestis has decided to drop the term “ultraconservative” and just go with “Christian Tory monarchist.”

His explanation as to the move is a bit confusing though, at least to this writer. He expresses support for Franco and Pinochet (even Mussolini!) but also adds that he is a liberal on immigration and opposes radical welfare reform. He even favors the Human Rights Act. It is difficult for me to imagine Franco, Pinochet or Mussolini (all of whom defeated Leftists and restored pro-Christian, traditionalist order) allowing their countries to be flooded with non-White immigrants or their sovereignty surrendered.

On a side note, in less than two weeks I am speaking in London, England to Tory traditionalists who oppose the replacement of the British people with Third World immigrants and the surrender of British sovereignty. Hopefully Mr. Celestis will be there and we can afterwards get a couple pints and talk about how great Britain used to be when London wasn’t majority non-British and the country was governed by Christian Tory traditionalists.



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    • Thank you, JO. I am very excited about the trip and representing our people and SN on the international stage. When was the last time SN had a voice internationally? Surely a long time ago. I understand that the event will be recorded on video and available at some point afterwards online. BTW, I am staying very near the statue of King Charles I who led the good guys against the Puritan despots. I am excited about that and taking my picture with his statue holding our SN flag.


  1. Hi, thanks again for linking.

    I didn’t actually say I fully supported those named men. I think I’m sympathetic to them be because of their stand against Communism and Socialism. Those men lived in different times.

    I don’t get why you don’t like immigrants. I worship in a Catholic parish where half the congregation are Indian, African or Filipino. These immigrants are decent Christian people. Other parishes which offer Polish language masses have a different bunch of decent Christian immigrants in attendance.


    • Matthew, thanks for dropping by.

      Do you value being English and think there should always be an English people? If you don’t value your identity there is little I can say. A love of your people and desire to ensure their survival (especially when faced with the knowledge that billions of impoverished people in the Third World would move to the UK if they were able) is the best reason to guard against Third World immigration.

      Beyond this, Africans live in extreme poverty and violence in Africa despite an abundance of good land and resources because that is what they are capable of. Europeans can live on a barren rock like Iceland and make a thriving, advanced culture there. We are simply not equal. No individuals or groups are. And the brown/Black mass of thousands who marched across Hungary yesterday into Austria will be followed by hundreds of millions of people who will seek to live off your welfare state – people who just are not capable of creating a Western-type society. If you really want to help these people the best solution would be to recolonize the Third World. You could bring back order and jobs and at the same time keep them from flooding your country and destroying it.

      Remember that California was once 90% White and very conservative and affluent. It is now about 40% White and super Leftist. Many cities there now are extremely impoverished and violent. Mexican immigrants did that. They recreated the conditions of Mexico inside California. It is what they do, what they are capable of.


      • I’m proud of being English and I value my culture. But I don’t think that culture is threatened by people from other cultures and nationalities. I think they make a great contribution to the diversity of modern Britain.

        Most of the black people I know work in healthcare and are very hard-working with solid Christian values.


        • The “diversity” of parts of London and other cities is so wonderful that thousands of Whites have fled it. Same here. White flight occurs because the immigrants bring their problems to previously peaceful and relatively affluent areas.

          Also, culture is in part a creation of ethnicity. Arabs and Africans simply can not create our culture. We are too different. What they can do though is take over and destroy England if enough are permitted entry.

          My main points on this are:

          1) You will be replaced. Europeans have a declining birthrate while the immigrants have very high birthrates. Also, thousands more of them are arriving on the shores of Europe every days. In a generation or two Europe will be mostly non-European.

          2) The people replacing you are not capable of European levels of civilization. They come from backwards countries. In the case of Africans they come from places which only a short time ago were marked by Stone Age conditions. If you flood an area with Third World people that area will suffer and Whites will flee it. See the northern suburbs of Paris, for example. “Diversity” has made these no-go areas for police and actual French people.


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