Disappearing White voters

White voters are disappearing at the polls, writes Jannell Ross in a recent article for The Washington Post. Ross argues that “White voters comprise the vast majority of the GOP base. Broadening the party’s appeal is an unavoidable long-term goal, but attracting as many white voters as possible to the polls is an immediate imperative.” And in recent years the Republican Party has been doing a poor job of getting out the White vote. The columnist also points out that as Whites become a minority in the USA racial voting blocs are becoming more important than ever. We are not in a “post-racial” future, as many wanted to believe the election of Obama indicated.


Enter Donald Trump and his populist campaign. Ross and other columnists point out that Trump is appealing to many disaffected Whites turned off by a political process they see as not representing their interests. In a two-party system where neither party is appealing many blue collar Whites just don’t vote. And why should they when:

  • The elites of both parties support mass Third World immigration which shrinks the power of White voters and drives down wages
  • The elites of both parties support trade deals which ship jobs overseas and de-industrializes the USA
  • The elites of both parties oppose the Confederate flag and other cultural icons with which most Whites identify

But now the GOP is faced with what to do about “the political enthusiasm of Trump’s mostly but not exclusively white supporters — people attracted to Trump’s hard-line immigration and trade platforms.” The party can muscle out the politically-incorrect billionaire, as cuckservative George Will and other belt-way Republican elites and US media figures are demanding, but this risks turning off many White voters who “will simply sit the election out if Trump is nowhere near the GOP’s center stage.”


The campaign of struggling Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton depends mostly on the support of non-White voters. According to a recent ABC poll two-thirds (65%) of White voters have an unfavorable view of Clinton. Meanwhile, Whites are evenly split on surging Republican front-runner Donald Trump, though a full 79% of non-Whites view him unfavorably. Black Leftists such as Brittney Cooper at Salon.com are quite open in describing Trump’s “right-wing politics and white masculinity” as “hideous,” “buffoonish,” “racist,” and “outmoded.” Cooper writes that “Support for Trump constitutes a concerted refusal to acknowledge that the country is on the brink of a new full-fledged 21st century movement for civil rights.” As Southern nationalists who reject the anti-White and anti-Southern trend of Modern America we certainly hope Cooper is right. While we put no faith in the US political system it is refreshing to see a candidate inspire White blue collar voters and speak out strongly for their demographic, economic and cultural interests.

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  1. I recently registered to vote for the first time in years. I want to vote in the referendum for Texas independence and for the other legislation the TNM has pending in the Texas State House, if they also come up for public vote. Like the Southern Nationalists of old, politics is now just state and local for me. Washington will never be anything other than the Northern people’s instrument and expression of their will to power.

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