Limbaugh explains rise of Trump: It’s because of an invasion

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh explained the meteoric rise of politically-incorrect billionaire Donald Trump on his program today, saying:

explaining the Trump phenomenon is not that difficult.  At the top of all of it is this invasion.  At the top of the list of reasons why Trump has a large and growing following, it’s all about immigration and how the establishment inside the Beltway is now openly, not even disguising, what they’ve thought about average, ordinary Americans for years now.  And that is unsophisticated, rubes, uneducated.  I mean, take any insult that you want.  Appalling, stupid, you name it.

Indeed, Thomas Edsall echoes this point (but from the Left) for the New York Times, writing that the Republican Party is now “the home of an often angry and resentful white constituency — a constituency that is now politically mobilized in the face of demographic upheaval.” Edsall explains in real numbers how Whites are being replaced in the United States and then in true liberal fashion insults those who favor “the comfort of a common religion and language, mutually shared traditions, and the minimization of cultural conflict.”



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  1. I don’t think this issue is very complicated. You have 15-16 Republican presidential contenders who are openly campaigning against their voting base. Jeb Bush pronounces on Telemundo en español that he’s pro open borders immigration and demographically displacing his base. Rand Paul travels hundreds of miles to Haiti to perform free eye surgeries as a photo op (he couldn’t be bothered to offer free eye surgeries to poor White people in Appalachia in his home state). John Kasich declares in a debate that Christianity requires for him to attend and celebrate gay marriages. Trump, on the other hand, represents at least some of the interest of his voting base. This is not rocket science.


    • Very true. Should be obvious to everyone. I just want to see Jeb do terribly. He refused Trump’s demand to speak English yesterday, comparing his outbursts in Spanish on the campaign trail to foreign language classes in school. He seems to hate us the most of all the candidates.


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