This is how Europe dies?

Tens of thousands of Third World people from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia are flooding the poorly defended borders of southern and eastern Europe. They are breaking through police barriers in Macedonia and overwhelming authorities in Italy and Hungary. And they are demanding to be allowed to travel to Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom, where government benefits are generous. Italy recently rescued a record 4,400 illegal immigrants in its waters in a single day. The situation has worsened in recent weeks as many thousands have crowded various European borders after first Germany and now the UK and Austria have pledged to take in the immigrants. Most of the immigrants are impoverished young Black and Arab Muslims. Hungary’s President Viktor Orban has warned that there is no end in sight to the crisis and that many millions more will come if the problem is not solved. Orban warned that Europeans will become a minority on their own continent – much as Whites are now a minority in Texas and California (both of which had large White majorities only a few decades ago).

The on-going replacement of Europeans has sparked the rise of now-strong nationalist movements in France, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Greece. But while nationalists have influenced policy, especially in Switzerland and Denmark, they have not yet taken control of a country. Will nationalists rise to power in time save Europe or will Western Civilization be lost beneath a tidal wave of Africans and Arabs?



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    • It certainly does. I follow immigration news and seeing many thousands of Third Word people marching en mass across Hungary into Austria shocked even me. Europe doesn’t have the will to stop this.


      • Sir, the overwhelming majority of Western Europeans I have, in recent decades known, do not share any nationalist suppositions, anymore – or certainly none that would lead them to refute the recent changes coming over them. Most wanted to, and still want, to be in the EU – with nominal borders that are easy to cross.

        Most are multiculturalist socialists who see life almost entirely on an exclusively individualist plane.

        As to Eastern Europeans, they are a different story, and, while not wishing to put all countries into one bag, I think they still share a sense of nationalism, and the notion of wishing to preserve it.

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        • Western Europeans are suicidal. In the East there is still a sense of nationhood, pride and honor. They want to survive. No matter what the ideology or belief system you either believe that your people, your nation exists and are something worth preserving or do not. There will be a nation in Europe, possibly France that will put a stop to this behaviour. There will most likely be more than one but I would say that at least one is inevitable as this thing really gets underway and the outcome begins to play out. When you see the land next to you literally pulled down to nothing and the civilization it once contained completely toppled it has a strong effect. You do not want that where you live. And with the fall of civilization the brainwashing mechanism in the land where it crumbled, the media, is destroyed and our people become able fully as time passes to see reality once again for what it is, not this equalitarian chaotic mess that is portrayed as Utopia by the mainstream anti-white media.


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