This is how Europe dies? (part III)

The Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, urged Europe to quicken the pace of its suicide by taking in even more illegal immigrants from the Third World. Thousands are landing on the shores of Italy, Greece and Spain on a daily basis, then trekking over land (while demanding free bus rides) to reach Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom where they will receive generous government benefits and oftentimes be able to bring over their entire extended family in Europe. Kimberly Hutcherson and Frederik Pleitgen report for CNN:

Pope Francis implored Catholic institutions throughout Europe to show mercy to the flood of refugees arriving on their shores by offering them shelter.

… Of the thousands arriving in Austria this weekend, only a dozen or so migrants have opted to apply for asylum there, the country’s Interior Ministry said. Most want to go on to Germany.

Many European countries are quite small and could easily be deluged by just a small portion of the impoverished or war-weary immigrants from the Third World.

Many European cities are being transformed by the people who have replaced their native Western populations. London and Malmo stand out as examples of what Europe is becoming thanks to open borders and Third World immigration:

  • London, England was 59% British in 2001. It was just 44% British by 2011. By that time the capital of the UK was 18% Asian and 13% Black. In 2011 mostly non-White immigrants rioted in London and other English cities, attacking people, looting stores, fighting police and burning cars and buildings.
  • Malmo, Sweden is 41% foreign now. Immigrants from 174 different countries, speaking 150 different languages now live in Malmo. Muslim immigrants have rocked the city with at least 25 grenade attacks and other explosions over the last year and a half. African immigrants recently went on a rampage in a Malmo department store, attacking Swedes with knives, stabbing and killing a woman and her son.

Nationalist, anti-immigration parties are on the rise across much of Europe in response to the problems brought on by open borders. And yet there are still some Europeans who consider themselves “conservatives” and can’t see what is wrong with all this lovely new “diversity” in Europe – just as there are some “conservative” Republican Southerners seem to love seeing their cities and towns repopulated by Mexican immigrants.

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  1. As much as it pains me to say so, I do not like, nor do I trust, this pope. It boggles my mind that he would call for Catholics to house these invading Muslim hordes in their own homes. In spite of the fact that European Catholics have largely ignored the Church on matters of doctrine (contraception, abortion, divorce and remarriage, etc), I’m sure many thousands will be knocking each other down to take in a Muslim family so they can show everyone how not racist they are.

    Just a note on the subject from my personal experience. I was in Europe earlier this summer. Border control at Heathrow Airport in London was staffed by 3 turbaned Sikhs and an African Muslim woman in a head scarf, along with a couple of people who appeared to actually be British. In some areas of the city, there are businesses with Arabic-only signage, and many of the shops are run by people from the Middle East or Pakistan. Paris is not any better, as the metro was often crowded with Muslims and Subsaharan Africans, and halal restaurants abound in certain areas. In Italy, the Africans and Muslims make a nuisance of themselves selling selfie sticks and knockoff handbags to tourists on the street. It is truly heartbreaking to see the beautiful civilisation that our ancestors built being destroyed by these third world invaders. It is even more painful to watch as Europeans sit idly by and watch it happen, or worse, actively encourage it.

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  2. That the Holy Father would embrace the whole-sale sellout of the West is disheartening. It’s a shame, but also a symptom of a much worse problem going on in the Church, the scourge of modernism. Let us hope that the FSSP and SSPX may be able to gain ground and influence the Church for the better.

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